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17 August 2011

God Bless America

Due to the fact that izzy and I were away and Rosie has been dealing with family issues, our blog came to a bit of a stand still last week but we should get back on track soon..

Well, I'm back and what a holiday!!  I am officially in love with America and all things American; the giant monster like cars, their amazingly soothing accents, the heat, their politeness, I could go on forever!!  This time I wanted to experience a real American holiday and completed most of my list of what i really wanted to do:

Ride on a segway
Go to a drive through
Visit Disneyland
Visit ALL of the countries of the World in Epcot
Go to a real American supermarket - super super large!
have the most sugary cereal for breakfast; the one with the free toys and cereal loaded with sprinkles, marshmallows and gallons of food coloring's
see a real school bus up close

The heat was incredible and it got up to way over 40 deg. C and my huge double bed with more than enough pillows was hard to part with in the mornings.  We also managed to squeeze in some well earned shopping, I promised myself to not buy many things as I knew that my wardrobe was full anyway.

Bluefin from Rack Room shoes - on sale

Levi's t-shirt

Hannah xx

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