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23 September 2011

Near 'add to my cart's.

I know its been quite a while...but I'm back now! Schoolwork just seems to be mountainous these days.

For a while I've had a major crush on Urban Outfitters, but now it's getting out of control! I LOVE literally all their home ware section, so I definitely know where the new bedroom equip. is going to be coming from. And as for the clothes! This seasons knitwear collection is dream worthy.

One of the many lovely knit pieces
I have officially requested this for my birthday! I mean seriously, one side
kaleidoscope, one side floral? This quilt was made for me. 
I've also been spending many evenings debating whether to buy an old polaroid camera (cheap and prints in front of you, but expensive film) or a diana f+ dreamer (cheaper film and sooo pretty, but poorly made). Or other lomography/toy cameras, like a Holga.
I've come to realise that without meaning to I've ruled out not having one at all, because for so long now i've been yearning over these dreamy, vignetted, saturated photos you get with these film cameras...

Just a quick example

vintage polaroid- So retro
Diana F+ - just stunning!
Such a tricking decision, any advice?

Happy weekend, Rosie

17 September 2011

Hitting the Tearoom

The newly opened Vintage Tearoom had a party to celebrate opening and we all couldn't help but go along!  They had everything from scones, to little chocolate and raspberry tarts!  It was a VERY cute evening and it gave G & R time to catch up with school and gossip - which was greatly missed...

Hannah xx

15 September 2011

All Eyes On The Wrist.

Its been one of those weeks .Hopefully it'll pick up though as Gingham and Roses have very exitingly planned on going to a tea party tommorow night at the fabulous Vintage Tearoom . Free cake AND vintage clothes ! Together?!
Anyway, with the summer fading fast its time to say goodbye to all my beads and bangles and hello to some new winter wristwear. A Retro Watch would be the coolest thing to have on my wrist . I always knew telling the time could be fun..

Gold or Yellow -Gold or Yellow , decisions decisions...

I know its a bit early for Christmas Lists . But please can one of these be on mine?


12 September 2011

Something to be proud of...

So last weekend was the Channel Island Championships, and on the spur of the moment me and Izzy decided a couple of days before to run the 3000m (we're sprinters and have never trained for anything over 400m!)
But that's not it, oh no. We had people sponsor us and all the money is going to Hospice. We're still chasing a few people up, but by the end we will have raised a total of £480.10 ! Not bad huh?

Ready to hassle people!
Hiding the nerves...

A great day, and hopefully Hannah will be able to join us next time.

Have a lovely week, Rosie xxx

09 September 2011

Warm this Winter

Because the weather's all horrible and every ones swapped their shorts for jeans and their 'festival plans' for ones of Christmas . Its time we all started thinking about our ' winter preparation ' -because i know they say it every year but its gonna be a cold one and its so much easier to enjoy when your wearing the right clothing.
Green Quilted Jacket-Topshop
Knitted Scarf- Zara

My winter coat search is over.
But a winter coat just isn't complete without a cute winter accessory right?


05 September 2011

Class of 2011

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but yes, the time has come to set aside our freedom from late night parties and sleeping in till noon...It's back to school for most of us and I have to say the thought of waking up at 6.30 for 5 days a week still hasn't quite sunk in yet.  The school dress is out, and the neatly ironed white socks from my mum are staring at me from my bed and the sight of it literally hurts my eyes!!  
But let's not forget the amazing summer we had and for us jersey beans it was festival time mixed in with catching up with lost friends at Jersey Live last weekend, and it couldn't have gone more well!

There were a lot of amazing acts, and Dry The River was well worth the hour and a half wait...

Love Hannah xx

03 September 2011

Not all the ads are bad.

Sometimes you find good music in the ways you least expect! Admittedly most adverts are horrifically bad and annoying, but at least some good tunes are played. You may even be able to guess what ads these are from...

1. Gary Nock- Make it better

2. Radical Face- Welcome home

3. Foster the People- Pumped up kicks

4. Tim Myers- Simply Wonderful

5. Fiction- Big things (wait for it to pick up at 1:30)

6. Cults- Go outside

7. Crystal Fighters- Plage

8. Cassius- I love u so

9. The Kinks- Days

1. Mars
2. Nikon
3. O2 priority moments
4. Hellmans mayonnaise
5. Ford Fiesta
6. Brothers Cider
7. Matalan
8. Citroen
9. Volkswagen

Btw, might be worth mentioning I'm not actually a t.v or advert addict, i promise! That would just be weird...

Have a good day, Rosie xxx