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31 July 2011

A week in the life of a Sunshine-aholic.

Just relishing in the last  of today's sunshine. The first week of my summer holidays couldn't of been better as we all have made the most of jersey's gorgeousness in the summer and slowly but surely i've been working my way through my really long summer list...

Monday was spent at the hospice barn where i picked up the cutest picnic basket, let the picnicking begin!

On Tuesday i cracked open the recipe books and made some Peanut Butter Blondie's (a brownie with white chocolate instead of milk) . I'll take Hannah and Rosie's word for it that they were up to scratch. You can find the recipe here.

Rosie blogged about our lovely day out on Wednesday of course, and of the the rest of the week was spent sunbathing and swimming. Quite acceptable activities looking at the current weather situation. 
So there you have it the first week of my summer. Whats everyone else been doing?

Also (this is a bit late sorry) to remind all the Jersey Beans to head down to the vintage tearoom (which gingham and roses is very much a fan of)  where they are selling lots of vintage denim shorts and summer clothing. I'd get down there quick if i were you!

Well that's me, I'd better continue packing as I'm going to France tomorrow for a mini-break, I'll hand you over to Rosie for the week and I'll be back for the weekend!
Izzy X

29 July 2011

Sipping tea and scoffing scones

Apologies for the VERY late post, but i've been pretty busy doing touristy stuff (like crazy golf!) with our friends that are over from Leeds.
Anyway a couple of days ago me, Izzy, Hannah and my friend from England Sophie went to the Lavender Farm. It was so pretty and a lovely day. I don't have much time on my hands at the moment so I'll just let the photos do the talking...

The Gingham and Roses squad!

My chicken feed (but they just ran away)
'au natural' shot of Izzy
Izzy, Rosie, Hannah, Sophie

We joked together that when we're older instead of going on a pub crawl we'll be going on tearoom crawls ;) Our next target is Poplars tearoom in St.Ouen!

Hope you're also enjoying the lovely weather, Rosie xxx

25 July 2011

The Usual...

Firstly, I want to tell you all I have finished my picnic basket 'makeover' and I love the end result.  If you saw my  blog from last time I wanted it to look like the F & M baskets, what do you think??

H & B stands for my initials

It was also the weekend of Grassroots and it was so much better than I thought!!  Rosie's friend Sophie came over from England and we had a great time...

We also got a picture with Ben Howard one of the headline acts there (we were a lucky bunch)!!

A picture with Ben Howard...the usual...

This might be my last blog till I go on holiday to Florida for two luxurious weeks of bliss!! there's something sweet about leaving all of the stress and worries behind letting them sort themselves out knowing that my suitcase will come back 10lbs heavier than when I arrived.  I'll be sure to tell a few stories when I get back too!!

Love Hannah xx

22 July 2011

Totally Stuffed.

Its holiday time! Everything is now finished for six weeks as of this afternoon. Its been a great final week though. Little bit full now, must of put on a few pounds just going round the Island eating and cooking lots of exciting things which ended with a trip to the Michelin starred Bohemia Restaurant this afternoon. Amazing is the only word to describe it.

This was the main course at Bohemia Coq Au Vin which was pure heaven.

The same could be said for the lemon tart with homemade ice-cream.

All in all i had a Delicious week, making pizza, baking bread, cooking at an Indian restaurant and generally being greedy without anyone judging you.

I also had a rather nice surprise waiting for me when i got home -my new shoes had arrived! I ordered some summer sandals from Aldo a week ago, just in time for the summer.

Very exited for this weekend. You Jersey beans will know what I'm talking about when i say Grassroots festival Jersey's Eco music-boutique festival. There are lots of great artists (including Ben Howard) i thought I'd just end on this song as they'll be playing tomorrow. Just to get everyone in the festival mood.

Arrested Development -The Everyday People

Happy Holidays Everyone


20 July 2011

Holidays ahead...

I love the holidays! I can't wait to put the plans of what we want to do into action. There's grassroots (hippy-ish music festival), Jersey Live, strawberry picking, and me Izzy and Hannah's bike ride/come dine with me day ! I just hope the weather cheers up, especially for when my friend from england comes over this saturday for a week.

Anywho, although there is lots of excitement around the corner, I do have a mammoth amount of Art gcse coursework to get on with. There is a lot to do, and although I enjoy doing it, I always put it off because I worry what I do will be rubbish!

Part of what we have to do is a 'title page'. I for some reason have kinda got into incorporating scrabble letters into my art work...so this is what I came out with:

Quite basic, but I didn't want it to look like I had tried too hard 
and made it all 'busy', like I often do...does that make sense?!

Aside from art, I recently went to Eclectic boutique's fashion show which was brilliant, and there they also gave you 20% off vouchers! So the other day that's where I went to spend my money (well, spend £9!). I've bought a couple of things there in the past and it is such a nice boutique, even if just to look at! If you jersey beans haven't been there yet...do go!

I have realised that I'm a sucker for buying evening and smart clothing and dresses, just because they're so eye catching, so I have made it a mission for me to buy more casual clothing. I bought a really simple but nice tee from Eclectic but unfortunately it's in the wash, so I might feature it in my next post!

I also bought some new denim shorts from Topshop because I grew out of my old ones- well I never really fitted them- but they're pretty bob standard so I won't bother showing you those.

Sorry, too much writing I know!
Hope you are enjoying the summer too, Rosie xxx

17 July 2011

A rainy day...

Whilst the rain seems to be chucking it down thinking it was the time of Noah's Ark, holidays plans are finally coming together.  To make sure that the bike ride goes ahead, Izzy, Rosie and I have set 6 crucial dates to do the bike ride so there's no stopping us!!

Yesterday, we were supposed to be doing the st. saviour carboot sale but we cancelled it because of the weather.  Instead we did something that we have been meaning to do for a while.  We went to the vintage tearoom and treated ourselves to a range of delicious foods, browsed through clothes and tried pina colada tea...
Let's just say the tea wasn't to my liking...
It was the first time I had been to the vintage tearoom and the selection of around 7 different types of scones, brownies with ice cream and chocolate sauce was enough to make my stomach grumble with excitement

As my family holiday draws ever closer, my room is scattered with outfits to wear, mini bottles of shampoo and travel size toothpaste and there's always a song blurting from my speakers, I can't get enough of this one...

Hannah xxx

15 July 2011

Schools out for Summer....

Finally. I'm on Holiday there is now nothing between me and a long hot(hopefully) relaxing summer. But i also have activities week to look forward to which means a whole week of eating at Jersey's nicest restaurants ,my kind of activity.

So anyway this weekend i took a long awaited trip to the local Hospice Barn ,yes barn its literally a charity shop in a barn -pretty cool. I couldn't leave without picking up a few lovelies.

A pretty unique buy . I was instantly drawn to it ad had to have it...


Another jumper/cardigan and yes i know its July


I brought this bag at another charity shop a few weeks back, buts its been so useful i couldn't resist sharing it.

I managed to get free tickets to the Grassroots music festival this week ,its sort of an Eco friendly boutique festival and tickets are around 40 pounds . All i have to do is help build a wave out of plastic bottles.Pretty good going if you ask me.
I can't wait to start enjoying my summer alongside Rosie and Hannah .

Bring on the sunshine


12 July 2011

not much.

Because 'not much' is going on, let me tell you a bit about this new magazine i think I'm going to start investing in...

Oh Comely

After having gone through a magazine crisis of not knowing which one to buy, I found this delightful magazine when it was briefly mentioned in Fifi Lapin's book 'What shall I wear today'. It is very different from all the rest, and sounds right up my alley. I realised I wasn't interested in your typical fashion/ celeb gossip magazine and I have decided to branch out! 
In there own words (they have a fabulous blog too), this is how they describe their magazine...

"oh comely is a magazine about people and their quirks and their creativity, rather than money and what it can buy.
It's a magazine that inspires people to be creative, talk to their neighbours and explore new things, rather than buy stuff or lose weight. Imagine sitting down with a cup of tea and a creative friend to hear all the strange things she says, all the curious stuff she does, and about the things she loves.
oh comely is printed six times a year, available in over 1,000 outlets in the UK as well as internationally. "

It is a new magazine with their seventh issue out (or maybe about to come out) this month. To give you an idea on the sort of content, one of the main articles in last month's magazine was how to make your own shoes! I know, pretty darn cool if you ask me.
I hope you are as interested in this magazine as I am, or maybe I'm just late on the band wagon and you are already reading it!

Either way, have a nice rest of week (I'm sure enjoying not having school!)
Love Rosie xx

09 July 2011

i'm back!!!

It seems like ages since i last blogged and my mind is full of stories to tell i don't know where to start!!  

First of all, I had an amazing time in Wales, the views of the mountains and countryside were spectacular and I made so many new friends!!  It was well worth going, but it's well worth coming home too...

The t-shirt wasn't my personal choice

Whilst I was there, I stopped in the local village and couldn't help but go for a proper welsh afternoon tea.  And so i went to this delightful cottage tea room and had welsh cakes and tea.  

And to treat myself, I also did a little shopping at gatwick too!!  

Aviator sunglasses from Next

And I couldn't help but have a free makeover by Lancome to make me look gorgeous when i stepped off the plane.  

I would tell you what I got for Izzy and Rosie but I won't spoil the surprise for them JUST yet...

Hannah xxx

06 July 2011


She did it. She actaully made something. The girl that is as good in textiles as a plank of wood actually made something. Yes, today i finished my textiles project a moment of huge pride for me, so much pride in fact i thought i'd share it with everyone else who's not the greatest on the sewing machine (we can't all be Hannah's you know!)

So determined to wear it , might just suprise everyone...
Couldn't of done it without the Hannah and her cute Granny who were my walking talking set of instructions, who knows now i may just dig out our own family sewing machine and give some sewing a go. Stranger things have happened.

Its amazing how not doing a lot can take up so much of your time. For the first time in my life im not busy, a rather nice change i think. Though recently i've really surpassed myself and become a little bit of an internet geek. Yesterday i sent away for my first ever 'Graze' Box, some of you might of heard of them they've been in quite a lot of magazines. Basically its a box filled with cute little healthy snack packs, being a little bit of a healthy food geek myself i'm quite excited.
Has anyone ever had one before -are they nice?

It arrives on Friday!

Only one more week left, and the summer job search continues as does the search for the perfect pair of Summer sandals, although i think i've come close with a pair from office.
Anyone got any good shoes websites -i think i've just about searched them all!

I've really got into lookbook at the moment, the outfit inspiration is never ending, i've only just started looking at it when i have the time- does anyone have a good one i should check out?

Happy Wednesday
Izzy X

04 July 2011

Vintage love affair

Hello readers!

I can barely BELIEVE how happy I am at the moment! There seems to be nothing coming up (soon-ish) to stress about, and it feels oh so good.

  • The weather! It has been so warm recently, and it's such a mood lifter. I think I've been making the most of it too, I've been for several swims (some beyond 11pm!) and my neighbour is even teaching me to sail! For this, I've promised her I'll teach her how to hurdle!
  • 1 WEEK LEFT OF SCHOOL! This is of course what is probably making me happy the most...I mean 6 weeks of no school? What's not to love?!
  • Because we aren't at school next week, even the cunning minds of teachers are struggling to find ways to sneak in some homework. Just brilliant!
  • No more trips! Although normally it's great to get off the rock as much as possible, a break is very much needed. All three of us have been on many sport trips this year (and Hannah is going away for a week tomorrow to sing in Wales with her choir!), I'm looking forward to not having anything planned.
  • I've really enjoyed watching Wimbledon over the past couple of weeks. It is so quintessentially British! Laugh all you like, but I can barely wait to whip out the dusty tennis racket from the garage and give the game a go myself!
  • Last of all, Izzy and I (Hannah went earlier because she had singing in the afternoon) popped down to this month's vintage fair at St. Aubins. For me it has got loads better recently, and here is what I bought:
I love this necklace, I have seen this sort of design quite a few times,
but the outside detail and the price gave it the edge over other
ones I have seen before! It was originally £8 but I bargained it down to £6.30.

I wasn't really going to the vintage fair looking for some new draws, but I couldn't resist when I saw them! It is now the proud storer of my jewellery. It was £5.

I know, pretty random! I saw this book and kinda thought, "How amazing
 would it be to have such a lovely book like this and pass it down through
the generations of my family?"...I know, I got a little ahead of myself. In the end
I bought it just because I don't own an old book, and 1929 is impressive! I like to
wonder who the first owner might have been, and I'm going to start reading it
as soon as I remember to!

Anyway, hope you readers had as good a weekend as I did! 
Love Rosie xxx

03 July 2011


I've hardly had time to rest these few days and things have been a little bit hectic (But so is life).  The last 'thing to do' on my list is sit down and have a well earned rest!!  Although I've finished school and exams are nowhere to be found, I seem to be busier than ever...

Although there's always a quick time to stop and browse around the vintage fair.  And yes...you guessed it....I went and bought more things to add to my room.  It's a gorgeous straw picnic basket (quite large!!) and it sits perfectly under my desk...

£8 vintage fair, bargain?

I really want it to look similar to other wicker baskets and I love these F & M baskets.  In the summer i'm hoping to get some paint and paint on the front H & B (my initials)...look kind of sweet???

I couldn't be happier with my buy, a shame I had to rush off before meeting up with Rosie and Izzy, but we all have plenty of free days to come and the bike ride WILL GO AHEAD!!!  

Hannah xxx