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31 May 2011

A little inspiration.

Hello bloggers!

Well let me start off by mentioning how me and Izzy had such a good time in Sicily- even though it would have been 10x better if Hannah could have come. We met so many great and friendly new people, and I was so much fun mixing with people from completely different places and backgrounds, and the language barrier didn't seem to stand in the way. We also had success in our Athletics, which I guess is what the trip was all about! The trip really was great, but if we can all go next year (where it's in Sardinia) I can see it being even better! Here are a few photo's, although most of the good ones are on Izzy's camera...
P.S the weather was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G

At the opening ceremony.
On the beautiful beach with two of the lovely Isle of Wight girls.

Everywhere you went in Palermo (the place we were in in Sicily) they sold the most amazing range of ice cream- So Italian. I had a Kinda Bueno flavour ice cream!

Us and the multiple Sardinian Supermen!
Okay so with last week summed up (by the way Hannah thanks for doing a great job of keeping the blog alive whilst we were gone) I'm going to ramble about some internet shop browsing that caught my eye. I've come to realise that the part of my wardrobe that most needs updating is my jewellery. I haven't bought any for ages, and I need something to spice it up, something a bit quirky. I love the new 'secret store' in Topshop featuring limited edition jewellery from NYC designer names, such as Meadham Kirchhoff. Unfortunately the prices are a little out of my budget, but I can dream, right? This is one of my favourite pieces:

I love the Aztec look to it, and it's very 'festivally' too.
I also browsed Rokit for some quirky jewellery and I found this necklace. It's so cute and it has so much attention to detail, but because I'm so stingy with my money I still think £15 is too much to pay for such a small thing, personally.

As I carried on looking at the high street's latest collections, I kinda fell in love with Polish photographer Lukasz Wierzbowski's photo shoot and interview from Urban Outfitters latest collection 'Great Lengths'. I think it's great, and really captures a theme of hide-and-seek/rustic summer vibes. Here are some of my favourite snaps, and by the way you should check out the gorgeous clothes in the collection too.

I know the photo isn't big, but aren't the shoes just lovely? I was so close to buying them.
Okay I know I'm sorry, I went on a bit...again, but it has been a whole week 'ay?
I'm glad you are still awake to read this, and I hope you have a lovely week.

Love Rosie xxx

26 May 2011


Time seems to be going by far too slowly at the moment.  I think it's mostly because half term is nearly here and exams are in full swing.... i think it's time for a well needed break!!!

I have soo many things I want to do over half term:

  • Go strawberry picking
  • Gingham and roses bike ride
  • watch pride and prejudice
  • take so many more photos
  • bake a cake
  • decorate by bathroom
  • do more charity shopping
To name just a few!!

Since I moved all of my picture frames into my bedroom, my bathroom is nothing but bland so I thought that I would spice it up by putting some of my pictures on canvas, what do you think?? :

the last one hasn't been edited yet, but you get the gist...

Hannah xxx

23 May 2011

All by myself...

Well, here I am left on my own for a WHOLE week!!  Since Izzy and Rosie jetted off to Gatwick airport for their first stop (I think??) this morning, life hasn't felt quite as sweet as it usually does. But that won't pull me down!!  Besides, I've got you lot to keep me company and I will try to replace Izzy and Rosie's posts just for this week - mind you I have got exams so PLEASE bare with!!

So here's the plan!!  I will talk about all of my recent buys today to fill in for Izzy and then for my post on thursday, I'll show you some of my pictures I've recently took and you'll have to wait to see what I do at the weekend!!

My wardrobe seems to be filling up way too quickly at the moment and every time I step out of the door, I manage to find yet another charity shop full with objects and clothes waiting to be saved and pulled out of the wreckage...
And I can't help but come to the counter with too many things my hands can hold and I seem to get a lot poorer, but hay!  It's for charity so i'm not that fussed.  This week I went to my local charity warehouse AND they had a half price sale!!  I never thought charity shops did sales and I came home with some pretty nice stuff.

Bracelet 50p

Necklace £1.00

Belt £1.00

White Satchel £2.00

I also bought some dark  purple silk-like trousers so I'm going to make them into shorts for may half term and on Saturday, I also bought a long skirt from the hospice shop which  had a stained glass effect on it so I am going to make that shorter.  I would show them to you but they're in the wash.  Looks like I'll be kept busy whilst the girls are away!!  

Hope you haven't been too bored whilst I've rambled on...

Hannah xx

22 May 2011

Spring Stripes.

Helloooo ! This will be my last post for over a week (isn't that a sad thought) because ,as she mentioned before Rosie and i are going to Sicily(!) for the Jeux Des Illes . Its such a sad thought to be leaving Hannah behind but I'm sure they'll be many more Ginghamandroses adventures to come. We'll be missing her lots and lots !
I've spent my last hours on  the packing , baking and generally being lazy .Well i guess I'll make up for It next week. Anyway better get back on subject. My last post will not be a rambling one!
This is the cute little bracelet Hannah gave me and Rosie ,the horseshoe is to wish us luck . Isn't it so cute,i must say she brightens my day....
I've really got into the pinstripe trend recently ,i picked this one up from the Nairobi Slums Charity Shop last weekend.
And another one i couldn't resist,it did have sleeves but was altered by the lovely Hannah -it only cost me 50p and some homemade custard cream biscuits...
This is about as creative as it gets for me , i got this hat from Primark for two pounds but hated the ribbon so i replaced it and voila a whole new hat!

Haven't i been busy?
Have a fabulous week bloggers and ill see you next week
Wish us luck in Sicily -I'll try not too get to sunburned !
Over to Hannah for the week I'm sure she'll do an amazing job as always
Love Izzy XX

20 May 2011

Breaking news...

Check it out! Gingham and Roses now have a 'your thoughts' bar at the bottom of our posts! Please use it, it's always great to receive feedback (even constructive criticism!), and now there's an even easier way to do so...


19 May 2011

I'm a bad, bad blogger.

So sorry readers! I was supposed to post yesterday, and not only that but it's 10:30 and I hardly have time to give you proper post today either :( AND me and Izzy aren't here all next week because we are away in Sicily for the Jeux Des Iles (unfortunately Hannah can't come because of exams) which is all a tad exciting, but we won't be doing any blogging. So yeah, sorry... Anywho, just thought I'd say

 ^I just kinda can't wait for it to arrive...

It's so cute and summery! I might change the plastic buttons though to more 'vintagy' wooden ones.

What d'ya think? I would love to know!
Wish me and Izzy good luck for next week, I think we might just need it!!

Love Rosie XXX

16 May 2011

Easy Listening.

Sorry about the unscheduled post bloggers ,i was supposed to post at the weekend but ginghamandroses were at our big athletics competition (very nerve racking) which by the way was a success for everyone . I'm sure you'll get to see some pictures soon!
Its so very nearly summer and this means the festival season! For us Jersey beans its the very exiting prospect of not only one big festival (Jersey Live ) but two ( grassroots) along with names such as Ben Howard ,Plan B, Madness and Katy B gracing our humble shores. I've been getting in the mood for the festival season by listening to lots of festival music just to prepare me and that means sharing it with you...

Darwin Deez-Up in the Clouds
Gotta Love a bit of Darwin.

Miike Snow-Black and Blue
Such a good song ,it just makes you want to dance.

Johnnie Flynn and Laura Marling -the Water
He's the guy who does the best acoustics and she's the girl behind Noah and the Whales first hit together they make the most summery song ever.

A slower song but it doesn't mean it can't be danced to....


The Strokes are back and as this song proves more than capable of putting together 

a dance worthy tune.
The Strokes -Under Cover Darkness

This is for Hannah ,who i know like me can't stop listening to this song. Beware its catchy.
Two Door Cinema Club-I Can Talk

Becoming a Jackal- Villagers

Had to end with another summery song ,that just encourages you to daydream....
I'd Love to know what your listening to , stop by and leave a comment...
Happy Listening

12 May 2011

Summer Lovin'

It is only one day to go until gingham and roses go to Hampshire to compete in an athletics competition!  I can't wait to go - highlight of the month - and my suitcase is full to brim of things that I probably won't even need.  I remember last year when I turned up with the biggest suitcase out of everyone and weighed over 15kg!!  Maybe bringing my whole hair styling set and about 5 changes of clothes a day isn't necessary this year.  And I'm really trying to cut down what I bring.  Izzy is  handy with the shampoo and rosie is carrying the shower gel...me??  I'm just sticking to the toothpaste.  Although, I can't wait to wear my sewing machine earrings to the airport!!  My brother gave me a voucher for chi chi boutique in st. aubin (gorgeous shop!  not to miss) and I couldn't help buy the cute pair.  My other spending indulgence this week went towards a bright orange alarm clock from the vintage fair on saturday!!!  I haven't got a picture of it but it sure looks cute against the soft pinks and greens in my room.

There have been quite a few 'clothes' posts so I thought this week I would do a recipe from my little recipe book that I got a while ago.  It has everything in there from making shortbread, to roasting lamb and even how to make the perfect bacon buttie!

Grandma's Simple Scones

makes 10-12

450g/1 lb plain flour
1/2 tsp salt
2 tbsp baking powder
55g/2 oz butter
2 tbsp caster sugar
250 ml milk
3 tbsp milk for glazing
strawberry jam and clotted cream for serving


1.  preheat oven to 220 degrees Celsius/425 Fahrenheit/gas mark 7
2.  sift the flour, salt and baking powder into a bowl.  Rub in the butter until the mixture resembles bread crumbs.  Stir in the sugar
3. Make a well in the centre and pour in the milk.  Stir in using a palette knife and make a soft dough
4. turn the mixture onto a floured surface and lightly flatten the dough until it is of an even thickness, about 1 cm.
5. use a pastry cutter to cut out the scones and place on a greased baking tray
6. glaze with some milk and bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes until golden and well risen!!
7. wait to cool (if you can) then, well...you know what to do!!!

(Sorry about the spelling)

If only my scones looked like this...

Picture of the week maybe??

Thought it looked nice, just lucky I had my camera at hand!!

Love Hannah xxx

09 May 2011

Bouts of creativity.

So it's been a bit weird really, because the weekend just gone I kept getting cravings to do something a bit different and creative. This is what the outcomes where:

Yes that's right, I decided to make a necklace! I was trawling through my art draws and found some odds and ends that I felt just had to be put to use. I quite like the outcome which is strange, because all my past attempts at making jewellery have not really gone to plan...

If you are interested in knowing how I made it please comment and I might just do a post on how to do your own. It's easy, promise!

You know I'd forgotten what a bit of colour popping eye shadow can do to complete a look!
T shirt- Topshop, shorts- Rokit, scarf (worn as belt)- vintage fair, tights- Topshop, Rubik's cube earrings(!)- Rokit, necklace- handmade, bracelets- not a clue!

My next little creative idea was sparked awhile ago when the title picture to the fabulous blog Where the Wild Things might be... inspired me. Today I felt in the mood to give it a crack, and so I got planning. I found a cute and 'easy to illustrate' quote said by a person that I find inspiring..and voila! What's the obvious answer?
"If I get married I want to be very married" said by Audrey Hepburn.

Sorry if you don't really 'get it', I just had a weird moment where I had to  give it a go, whether it would work or not! Anywho it took me ages so it's going to be hard to clear it from by bedroom floor! P.S Kinda had to make the picture really big so you could see the small details...

Yesterday I went to the beautiful old seaside town of Gorey (it's actually about 5 minutes down the road, haha) to have lunch with the parents and a family friend. It was a lovely day, if a little windy, but it certainly was the best Jersey crab sandwich I have had in a while. Here's a picture I took of the bay:

And on a note about seafood and stuff, here's another photo I took a week ago in the town fish market (it was to help out a friend who lives in England and needed the photo for an art project):

Sorry it's been quite a picture heavy post, but on the bright side it was either that or me waffling about everything and anything.

Hope you all have a lovely week, and that all you jerseyians are having/had a nice bank holiday celebrating Liberation Day!
Love Rosie xxx

P.S As you know me Izzy and Hannah had an athletics competition at the weekend, and it all went pretty well. Plus, there may be an absence from blogging this weekend because we have another athletics competition in England!

06 May 2011


ITS THE WEEKEND -in case you didn't know and this means another bank holiday for me and all you other Jersey beans out there. I'm away in the smaller rock tomorrow (for those of you that aren't 'local' that's Guernsey ) but no fear I'll be back to enjoy the sun  Monday promises to bring.
I'm always thinking about my wardrobe and as its nearly summer( May is practically summer surely?) this means everyone has to crack out the shorts ,summer clothes etc. Inevitably every year I'm faced with the same dilemma. What do i add to my wardrobe ? What trends to follow? Am i going to wear it again?
I've also been doing a lot of magazine scouring,online window shopping etc. Which means its time for :




22.99 GBP

I've been looking for the perfect pair of trousers for a while-such a wardrobe staple for summer.
ASOS MALCOLM Suede Punch Out Flat Lace Up Shoes
I would LOVE a pair of coloured brogues -so cool dontcha think?

Truly Madly Deeply Eagle Tee

 This would look great paired with a pair of  denim cut of shorts

  • HOOPA T Bar Sandals £18.00

  • These are festvial sandals,soooo summery...
    Rokit Recycled Aztec Print 'Sac' Bag

    Such a practical beach bag.

    Petite Lace Liz Flippy Dress


    Love,Love,Love -really Erdem  and everyone needs a bit of lace...

    Pherhaps i should try the lottery?
    Have a great weekend everyone ( and bank holiday for some!)
    Izzy XX

    P.S Hannah is busy altering an amazing charity shop shirt -can't wait to see it ,will blog about it next time!

    04 May 2011

    When you're feeling down...SHOP!!

    Well, well another week snooping around charity shops and I know Rosie and Izzy have both done a blog on their recent buys, but I couldn't help myself!!!  If I don't write about it now, then I never will!!!
    My mum found this charity shop which is open every sunday and the bargains down there are really good!!  It's like a big warehouse, a bit like Jersey hopsice barn but slightly smaller and you can get chairs there for £1.00, yes, I told you it was good value!!  By the end of looking around, I picked up around 10 tops, and 3 bags, but mum knows best and I settled on just a few things.  Anyway, moving on to my treasures...

    Italian Satchel £4.00

    Red Jumper - Summerland £1.00
    Blue and White striped shirt - Marks and Spencer £1.00
    Denim shirt - £1.00

    Another photo frame to add to my collection!!!!

    I also picked up a little coat rack to put in my bathroom and I just managed to give it a lick of paint - very relaxing - before I put it on the wall...

    I tried to find a really nice song, since I usually post one on the blog, but I just couldn't compete with Izzy's song from the crystal fighters - pretty darn good tune- so here's another one from them!!!

    Now, I'm not one of those Glee fans which has posters all over my wall but I fell in love with this song when I watched glee on monday ( a one off occasion)  and I've never heard this song from adele before - shocking??? -  Just thought I might as well post it

    Au revoir, as they say!!!!

    Hannah xxxxx

    03 May 2011

    R.I.H (rest in hell) Osama Bin Laden!

    ^Had to be said, ay!

    First of all I would just like to mention that...

    I am going to watch the Olympics!

    Well...I've applied...

    I of course really wanted to see the Athletics, and my brother the Gymnastics, so we have applied one day of each! Ahh it's so exciting! I know due to the amount of people that apply you can sometimes be unlucky and not get a ticket, but I still can't help but get all excited. PLUS, Izzy and Hannah have too!

    Another thing is, the holidays are now over! I was of course at school today (pretty boring) and I'm already missing the chilled back attitude of the Easter holidays. But on the bright side, I had a lovely break from school where I did a lot of relaxing, seeing friends, crafty stuff, sunbathing and celebrating, so I can't complain! On the note of celebrating, wasn't the royal wedding just fabulous? Leading up to it, I didn't really care much about the event, but when it came to it my heart melted for the couple. As like everyone else, I have to agree Kate and her dress were absolutely beautiful.

    Like Izzy, I would quite like to share with you some recent purchases I've made. They're from a variety of charity shops, Lakeside shopping centre in England (went there whilst on a netball trip), and from Rokit.co.uk . I have tried my best to keep to a  summery theme, because I have been guilty in the past of buying knitwear and coats in the midst of summer! I have also recently bought a bright red anorak/coat from a charity shop, but I forgot to include it in the photo. It's very 'different', but I like it, it's a question of if I'll have the confidence to wear it...

    1. Vintage Levi's cord shorts, £20, Rokit.co.uk. 2. Boat print dress, £5, Primark. 3.  Maroon thin tights, £4, Topshop. 4. Red and white spotted skirt, £7, H&M. 5. Tortoise-shell sunglasses, £4, H&M. 6. Faux leather satchel, £7, Primark. 7. thin knitted tunic, £2, from Hopsice charity shop (no label).
    What do you think? I especially like the shorts, because I really have a thing for cord, they were a good price, and they fit well. What not to love!
    As we head into summer, I'm starting to think about what festivals I want to go to. I think I probably will go to Jersey Live (even though I think it's a rip off), but I would also like to go to Grassroots. Decisions! (sorry non-Jersians that wouldn't have meant much). And have you seen the line up for the Isle of Wight Bestival? It's sooo good, especially for the price. I wish I could go, but I doubt it because of the cost of getting there.

    ANYWHO, something else to mention, when I was browsing the internet shops the other day, this caught my eye...

    picture from Asos (£12), there are also some other nice ones,
    but this one took the cookie for me.

    White statement collars seem to be quite a growing craze, and I like it. I'm thinking of trying to make something like this, as for such a small amount of material they were crazy prices. As for whether I will ever get around to doing it, well that's another matter.

    Okay, last three little things (promise!) to mention:
    1. Me, Izzy and Hannah have all got an athletics competition this weekend, wish us luck! It isn't too much of a biggy, but nevertheless it's against our rivals over in Guernsey! Just sayin, you might have to be spared of a post this weekend...Depends.
    2. On a completely different note, does anyone have any tips on good ways to store makeup? I want it accessible, compact, pretty, roomy etc. I don't own much makeup, but my tiny draws I keep it in is driving me round the bend.
    3. Just had to share this picture, I love it! I'm thoroughly a Nikon person.
    photo from thewildones.faketrix.com

    REALLY sorry I went on a bit, my next post will be short and sweet. Hope you have a lovely week,
    Rosie xxx

    01 May 2011

    Little Secrets.

    Apologies bloggers ,this post was actually meant to be posted yesterday but due to me being a bad blogger and my inability to keep my eyes open after nine (yes nine) games of netball, here it is today.
    Me and Rosie have just got back from a two day netball tournament, which inevitably was tiring but did include a shopping trip . Annoyingly though this meant missing the Royal wedding something which I'd been looking forward to for months. To make up for it I've spent most of my spare time watching the highlights -and for everyone of you who saw it didn't she look divine?! That Sara Burton/House of McQueen Dress gave me serious outfit envy but didn't everyone feel that way? I know I'll be wistfully thinking about that day for a very long time.
    So anyway, it seems like i haven't blogged for ages and i thought I'd update you all on some of my recent purchases :
    Tie Rack Scarf - Local Hospice barn ( new ).

    Jewellery Mannequin -Another Hospice Barn find which i was very pleased to add to my dressing table.

    Satchel-primark (yes Primark) i think its a pretty darn good copy, me and Rosie now both have it.
     Have a lovely Bank Holiday -i know I'll be spending mine ,well not doing a lot (its the best way to spend them ) which everyone knows is very productive.

    Thank you to all our followers ( and hello to our new ones) !
    The next month is a busy one for us at ginghamandroses ,but bear with us I'm sure we won't let that stop us blogging!

    Izzy x
    P.S Thinking about trying some new nail art, i know theres lots of new trends at the moment -like polish that cracks etc . Any recommendations ?