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27 February 2011

Just to say...

I have finally purchased a satchel! Although not the one from my wish list, I changed my mind at the last moment. This is the one I've just bought:
From urbanoutfitters.co.uk £48.
It was so hard to choose between this one and the other one, thankfully Hannah was at hand!


Can't wait for school.. *hint sarcasm*

Where did half term go! Knowing that I never have any time during school term, I started and finished my latest art project in almost a day. So chuffed! You may remember from my bedroom post (here) that I mentioned jazzing my big dressing table mirror up a bit..so that's exactly what I did! When me and Hannah went to the Hospice Shop on Monday, I picked up a really pretty china plate covered in a beautiful oriental pattern. So what did I do? Smashed it up and stuck it round my mirror! We had to take the mirror down to do it though, so that's where the main kerfuffle came in! Here is the outcome..

What d'ya think? The pictures don't show it off very clearly, but you get the idea. I would love to know of any things like this you do, I'm always looking for new ideas. I'm now working on my next little arty project, keeps me busy! Maybe I will do a post on it when it's finished...
Have a nice rest of Sunday and Monday (if that's possible). I'm off to enjoy my Sunday Roast!

Rosie XXX

25 February 2011

Why hello there!!

Why hello there!! The half term week is nearly over, yet it has gone by so quickly...
I've recently really gone into photography alongside my sewing.
Ever since I got a Fujifilm Camera, I'm constantly taking photo's of everything and everything.  I also found a really good website to edit my photo's!! Here's some I took earlier...

My London Bus keyring
Tape measure

As well as taking pictures I have to say my sewing skills have dramatically improved since my mum drew the sewing machine out of the loft!!!  I've done so many things with it including making a red riding hood costume for Izzy and making Rosie a cushion.
If you read my last blog post, I said that I bought a skirt from a charity shop.  It was way to big for me and the length was down to the floor, so it took it up and drew the elastic into the waist.  I finally finished it and I'm so pleased with the result.
I thought I needed a new school bag, so why not make my own!!  I hadn't got a clue what the handle should be, so I got a belt from the hospice charity shop and made it into the handle.  It's great!!  I don't have a picture of the bag, but I'm sure i'll get a picture in my next blog.

Just one last thing, I had a lovely time out with Rosie today.  We went to Bean and around the world coffee shop and had a huge mug of chai latte whilst wondering how tanned Izzy's got in south africa.
I hope you enjoy the last few days of your half term!!!
    Hannah   xx

24 February 2011

Rosie's Wish List

....which are things she'll never be able to afford. But we won't dwell too much.
So here's the first thing, the almighty satchel! I still can't believe that I haven't bought a satchel yet, but I just felt that I couldn't find one that ticked all the boxes. But I think I've found the one! I reeeally like it, even though I always thought that I was after a completely leather one.
From Urban Outfitters, £44.

Also, I'm craving to take those dreamy snaps with this little beaut...
Diana F+ from various online sites, £70-ish

And, most of all, a new iPod! I have got a lot of artists (10 pages of!) that I want to be able to listen to without needing to go on the internet. I did have an iPod, but then my brother somehow 'adopted' it, but I need one with more memory anyway.
160gb iPod classic, £197. (^^I wouldn't listen to that, haha!)
I don't really care what it looks like or how 'up-to-date' it is, I just want one that will do the job, so this one seems good.

I'm trying to keep this post short, so I'm going to leave it there. Just realised they aren't exactly the most interesting things you see on a wish list, but there you go!

Have a good rest of week, 
Rosie. XXX

23 February 2011

Wouldn't it be dreadful to live in a world without tea??

Hello for the second time!!  I hope you all enjoyed Rosie and I's joint post on Monday to fill in for Izzy.
Yesterday, I enjoyed a girls day out with one of my friends.  There's nothing like chatting in a coffee shop for hours whilst warming our hands around the mugs of our chai latte's (I thoroughly reccomend this drink)!!!  After that, I couldn't resist but having a peep in the charity shops.  Surprisingly I found this lovely skirt, it was quite long though so I'm going to take it up, that's another job for me to do!!  I can't wait to finish the skirt so I can add it to my ever growing s/s wardrobe...Whilst looking through one charity shop, I saw a cute little mannequin which would have been perfect for put my clothes on when they need sewing. And so I took it to the counter only to find out that it wasn't for sale...VERY embarrassing!!
After that, we went to have our hair cut.  I decided to go for a small side fringe with relaxed layers throughout.  I was really impressed, so for any of you who are looking for a good hair salon, I definitely recommend Toni and Guy in town.
Soon my friend and I parted and I decided to have some me time in town myself.  So, I bought a copy of Elle magazine, bought myself yet another cup of tea to go and sat on a bench in the royal square and read my magazine.  It just goes to show that treating yourself doesn't have to cost a fortune...

And so to today.  I got up super early and did 4 hours, yes, 4 hours of revision.  I got stuck in and did it.  Once my revision was over, I treated myself to a tasty bacon and lettuce sandwich (with tomato sauce obviously).

And thats about it!!
I literally can't squeeze anything else out of my brain...so what ever you're up to this half term...treat yourself!!! You deserve it...

Lots of love
                        Hannah xxx

21 February 2011

Rosie and Hannah's grand day out!

Today your lucky enough to have a joint post! How exciting ;) Seeing as Izzy is still away in South Africa having an utterly fab time, we thought we should fill in! We had an outing together to the hospice shop in St.Ouen, and came back with a number of goodies! Here's Rosie's...

'Loch Lomond' knit jumper, unlabelled silk scarf, and unlabelled dotty hat with a bow around it.
'East' velvet shirt, china plate for one of my upcoming art projects, and 'Crabtree & Evelyn' wash bag.

And Hannah's buys!...

 'W&H' silk shirt and pearl brooch.

Two pretty wooden photo frames, a china teacup and saucer, all for arty purposes too!

We had great rummage in the charity shop and picked up some great things, but to top it off, we then had lunch at El Tico beach cafe. So lovely! Hope you guys are having a nice Monday- We certainly did!

Love from Rosie AND Hannah.

19 February 2011

What a great day!

Sorry didn't mean to overload you guys on Thursday where I accidentally did a post straight after Hannah's! Never mind.

Anyway, when I woke up this morning I decided that today was the day! I was going to finish my art project once and for all...which I started 3 years ago! (I know, a bit embarrassing). I haven't actually spent that much time on it, it's just I hardly ever got round to continuing it. So I went onto the beach outside my house and collected the driest sand I could find, but it was hard because it was a very high tide last night! Well anyway, in case you're wondering, I needed the sand for this...

As you can see, it shouldn't have taken me anyway near 3 years!! It's supposed to look like the waves lapping against the sand- I hope you managed to gather that. I've collected the 'glass treasure' as me and my Dad call it from the beach over the years, and I thought it was about time I put it to some use.
I thought going on the beach would be a good photo opportunity too because it was such a lovely day. So I took my camera along, and snapped these...

It looks much better when I have it open in iPhoto for some reason, it looks quite sharp here. (On the left is a crab basket by the way, if you can't make it out).

When I got home and stuck my sand on, me and the fam went out with some friends for some afternoon tea. It was so cute! We quaintly drank tea (the best I've ever tasted) from the most amazing floral china teacups, equipped with equally adorable teapots, saucers, and milk jugs! The victoria sponge wasn't all that bad either! It was such a nice afternoon, I deeply recommend if you're a jersey bean to go and have the same- it's from Cooper's cafe in Grand Marche.
And then when I got home, I had a sudden longing to whip out the tripod! I have no idea why! So I set it up in my bedroom, and played around a bit...

Sporting my latest buy..BDG skirt from ASOS, £22 in the 70% off sale!

Sorry my post went on a bit, when I start I just can't stop! Hope all other 'still at school' people enjoyed their first day of half term...or would you say it actually starts on Monday? S'pose so.

Rosie XXX

17 February 2011

On the fashion radar.

Hi bloggers!
I love this time of year clothing-wise, because you're just finding out what fashion trends are going to hit the catwalk in time for the summer season, and can't wait to squeeze into some shorts and sandals again! I'm not as impressed with this year's s/s collection as I have been with previous ones, but I've still spotted a few things. I LOVE Chanel's St.Tropez collection, here are some of my favourites:

Doesn't this photo just make 
you lust for summer!
I also love Marc Jacobs collection, like this little gem...
It's much more on the autumn/spring side than the Chanel collection, and I love the whole country bumpkin look!
I also like this Alexander McQueen outfit, it's so chic! Although the fact that all their models look like ice queens makes the outfits hard to picture looking nice on a...normal looking person!

..And trust Prada to bring Willy Wonka to the catwalk!

I'm also liking Erdem, Proenza Schouler and Derek Lam at the moment.

Fashion trends that are predicted:

  • Crochet and Lace- YAYYYY! I'm a lace rather than leather girl! ;)
  • 70's glamour- Well it's not often that I get really dressed up, so the word 'glamour' normally washes over me, but I'm keen on the idea of elegant blouses. I can't control my addiction to blouses and shirts these days..ahh well.
  • Stripes - Thank God. When I don't know what to wear, I just stick on a striped top and denim shorts...sorted!
  • Clogs- I still can't make up my mind about these. I think they can look great, but are often put with wrong outfits.
  • Wide leg and bellbottom pants- Personally, I have a huge pet hate against any sort of trouser or jean that flares, but that's just me.
So what are you liking or looking forward to at the moment? I've finally caught up with my homework and revision just in time for half term, so I think I'll invest in some magazines and build up an idea of what my spring wardrobe staples are going to be. And, I'm definitely due a charity shop hunt so I'll squeeze some of those in too.

Have a great weekend, Rosie XXX

Pink icing, Hundreds and Thousands and a Sprinkling of Gold Dust

Dear Bloggers

I hadn't got a clue what to write about this week, so unfortunately you will have to listen to me rambling on about my day.
As I woke up this morning, I only really came to realize that I had my French GCSE in 3 hours.  Luckily, it went to plan and I'm crossing my fingers that I got a good result.
And so I came home to find a rather strange parcel addressed to my mum.  Selfishly, I opened the package to find that my mum had gone and bought herself a label machine...
My mum happens to be sooo organised so to get a machine that prints labels is a good as it gets...

As mum keenly went to set it up, I decided to make fairy cakes. I happen to know a recipe off by heart and the cakes were cooked to perfection...
UNTIL I came to ice them.  Lets just say, that I haven't mastered the art of icing yet, and boy did it go wrong.  I was trying to make them look like the fairy cakes in magazines, so I went for pink icing.  However, as I do, I always put way to much icing on, and it went everywhere.  But obviously I couldn't stop there, I decide that maybe putting a good helping of hundreds and thousands on may help.  Ok, maybe not.  Well, why not put so gold dust on, because that's really going to help...
oh dear, it only just came to me that the cakes look like some cakes that you make in nursery.  And I'm not exagerating...maybe next time i'll leave them as they are, poor fairy cakes.

Another creation on my wall at home!  Just make a letter out of cardboard a cover it with scraps of newspaper...very effective

Just one last thing!!! Since Rosie and Izzy both added songs in their blogs, I thought I might too!!

Have a great half term, whatever you're up to...
Lots of love
Hannah      xx

15 February 2011

'If i wait for a holiday...'

Only 3 more days left until half term and i think everyone is in need of a break. In 3 days time I'll be jetting of to sunny South Africa and i can't wait. I'm sure everyone knows how daunting and stressful packing and travelling can be . But no fear bloggers Izzy is here to offer her travel tips ....
1. Luggage -I'll start with a nice basic ,a good hardy suitcase is the base of any well planned trip -mine is a flowery Roxy suitcase and has lasted me many a journey across the world. Spend some money on a good one that will last you forever.
These Vintage looking lovelies are one one hundred and eighty pounds from Streamlineluggae.co.uk which does a great collection of luggage for fashion concious travellers.
2. Comfort. -After many years of overnight flights i have learnt my lesson and always travel in my comfiest clothes and flattest comfiest shoes(i always wear my trusty Toms! ) . If your are a clothes obsessive and insist on bringing a second outfit make sure its something versatile and mutual -blinding airport security with your outfit is never a good idea. If you are a light sleeper I recommend some relaxation oils (tee tree and lavender are always good ) and a sleep mask is a definite.
Toms - a true wardrobe classic ! 32 pounds from office.co.uk
3.Toiletries - Feeling fresh when you travel is a must, who wants to be smelly after a 12 hour flight ? If your like me and won't travel anywhere without your makeup bag invest in pocket sized essentials of things like deodorant and toothpaste. If you want to downsize your hand luggage make up bag do but don't scrimp on your essentials!

How cute ! -make up bag 12 pounds from notonthehighstreet.co.uk
4. Music -this is an essential for me ,nothing like a good tune to help holiday nerves ! My current i-pod fave  is vampire weekends album contra . I just can't get enough of them !
5. Last but not least Preparation,preparation,preparation - I seem to have developed the freakish ability from my mum to pack for every situation - i have been known to pack breath spray on an athletics trip ( this for me is an essential shame Rosie didn't quite agree ..) .Remember to always leave yourself a good period of time to pack ,no-one likes a night before packing panic!

Whatever you do or wherever you go have a great half term bloggers-I'll see you soon ! :)

Izzy XXX

12 February 2011

Daydream day.

I'll admit, I haven't actually stepped out the house today...but I have been surprisingly productive you know!
I've done all my homework (okay, most of it) and done some piano practise, and I've repainted my nails! -And other bits and bobs. Although unfortunately, I for some strange reason decided to paint my nails a kind of 'granny colour' which is hideous, I'm leaving revision to tomorrow's plane journey's AND I was meant to do clarinet practise not piano practise.
Ohhh...not so productive. Well anyway, I've enjoyed cuddling up in everything cashmere I own and eating a monstrous amount of carrot cake. Plus, I'm getting a bit nervous for tomorrow- For the red eye flight as well as the athletics competition!

Enough of my babbling, here's a cute picture and a cute song.

Not sure if any of us will be posting on Monday, but if not, happy Valentine's day! I'll be single again, but don't worry I'm quite accustom to it! (image from we heart it).

I found these french siblings when they were mentioned in Vogue a couple of months ago. Shame they've only got one song on YouTube.

Wish me Hannah and Izzy luck for our competition tomorrow, I think we'll need it!

Rosie XXX

10 February 2011

Charity shop rambles..

Wellll haven't i been busy over the last few weeks ...BUT theres nothing like a little bit of posting to relax you. I have been frantically window shoppping anywhere and everywhere these last few weeks trying to gather some spring looks together Even though its only February. Well anyway last weekend I took a trip to my local hospice shop ,it really is one of my favourite shops where you can find anything anything and everything at a bargain price so anyway here's a few bargains i picked up ...
This is a cardigan i picked up for a bargain price of £2 ! i really like its french feel and it goes with literally anything.
This is the jacket mentioned in an earlier post and altered by the lovely Hannah -its Nicole Fahri which is usually very expensive -i picked it up for only £3-another bargain!
This last buy was big splurge i must admit -its a Cath Kidston Satchel and i've wanted one for ages.last weekend i finally fulfilled my wish !-its very practical and i absolutely adore it !
What spring bargains have you picked up?
Izzy XXX

08 February 2011

pretty little things...

Just a quick one this week...
Here goes another week of fabulous posting!!!  This week I've decided to go with earring's.  Since I got them pierced a few weeks ago, I've started to look for earring's literally EVERYWHERE I look.  I have even started comparing everyone's earring's in the street!  I'm so glad that I had them done with Izzy and Rosie around me, or I would have never had got them done.

These cute earring's are from Topshop...

Here are some more fun ones! New Look...

But obviously I'll definitely be buying these very soon...

...If I want to pay around £5.3 million pounds for it!!!

And just a quick note, Rosie, Izzy and I will be going to London on Sunday for an Indoor Athletics Competition...Wish us luck!!!

Hannah           xx

05 February 2011

Floral bunting and a make shift dressing table.

Hello there!

As you read my 'bedroom post' and take a peek at the pictures, I think you'll realise I'm unfortunately not quite as crafty as the others! Nevertheless I still like my bedroom, I hope you do too....

Hope this isn't too freaky, but this is my beloved mask I bought in the Maldives! It was about the only thing that was actually cheap! ..ish.

Couldn't resist sneaking this picture in. I got this cute shoe ornament from the hospice barn charity shop- That place does everything!
How's that for a view huh! It's even nicer on those dry, sunny, summer days...but they're rare.

So if I was Hannah, I would have made my my own bunting, but instead I bought some off the Internet. It was £30 (I know!), but it's perfect!!

The make-shift dressing table! I rather like it, but I'm hoping I'll eventually get 'round to jazzing it up a bit. Any suggestions? I thought maybe I could use Hannah's plate smashing trick to decorate the edges of the mirror.

Hope you liked having a little peek around my bedroom. I was only meant to include 3 pictures, but the decisions were too hard! We might be selling our house in the next few years, and if so, I'm so excited to design my new bedroom! teehee. On a side note, I made the best fridge cake today, and guess what- I didn't measure out a thing! I just bunged in all the unhealthy things you could think of... just how baking should be.

Have a great rest of weekend.
Rosie xxxx

03 February 2011

vintage roadsigns ,a roberts radio and a slight obsession with pillows.

So here itI  is your chance to have a look inside my bedrrom....
I think your bedrrom should be your very own personal haven ....a place that represents you.And i have to say mine is no exception. Its on the third floor of a granite farmhouse ( i really am a country bumpkin! ) and in my opnion its only really lived up to its full potential recently.
I started collecting vintage/retro lookig postcards about a year ago and since then my obsession has only grown  along with a vast collection of some of my favourie photos and magazine clipping that hang along my beams. Of course not everyone's rooms can be perfect so here are some of mine's best bits...

My bed is literally the best thing in my room -it was this years birthday present and as I am a self confessed old fashioned junkie I went for a white rustic looking bed .My dad is adament that it looks like a hospital bed but oh well...
This is my little collection of vintage signs /postcards ,the signs were picked up from camden lock in october at a bargain price of 2 for £7 .The postcards were mostly brought from the imperial war mueseum in london .You ever know where you might find your next retro buy !
These are probably the newest items in my room. My radio was a christmas present from my mum after many casual hints. Its the roberts radio revival in casis(puplish colour). The pencil pot is a little bit of home made craft inspired by hannah .Its literally an old baked beans tin covered in a vintage can label . So simple so retro !
I thought i'd just add in this picture of my sisters room .As you can see her vintage postcard collection is quite a lot larger than mine .But this is defienetly the sort of collection i'd aspire towards in the future !
So there you have it a little peek into interiors the izzy way !
have a great week beutiful bloggers :)
Izzy XX

01 February 2011

Ma chambre dans le centre de mon coeur...

And so we begin the week of snooping around our bedrooms! There's nothing like waking up in the morning surrounded by personal possessions that shape who you are.  I've definitely got my favourites!!!  My bedroom is inspired by country chic.  Nothing beats the soft colours of duck egg blue contrasting with soft pinks.  I love looking around charity shops for one off pieces (which is where I get most of my furniture from now). Here's something I made earlier...

I made this photo frame by spray painting a simple wooden frame.  I found a really cheap plate with a nice design on it and smashed it to pieces (great stress reliever)!!! Stuck the pieces on and voila!!! Simples...

My next bargain has to be my beloved chair, literally rescued by my mum from the charity shop.  It was a horrible green velvet chair which was in quite good condition.  We re-upholstered it and love the end result.  It's also super comfy.  Thanks mum...


I love my bathroom just as much as my room!!!  I've only just got round to re-decorating it and gone for bright colours and old posters....

I just couldn't squeeze in everything so why not put all my other ornaments in together. And I just couldn't forget my big blue coffee jug.  Who knows what I'll use it for...it just looks nice... 

You'll be surprised my the amount of things you can buy in charity shops...so why not pop down today for some great deals!!!

Have a great week..

Hannah xxx