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23 September 2011

Near 'add to my cart's.

I know its been quite a while...but I'm back now! Schoolwork just seems to be mountainous these days.

For a while I've had a major crush on Urban Outfitters, but now it's getting out of control! I LOVE literally all their home ware section, so I definitely know where the new bedroom equip. is going to be coming from. And as for the clothes! This seasons knitwear collection is dream worthy.

One of the many lovely knit pieces
I have officially requested this for my birthday! I mean seriously, one side
kaleidoscope, one side floral? This quilt was made for me. 
I've also been spending many evenings debating whether to buy an old polaroid camera (cheap and prints in front of you, but expensive film) or a diana f+ dreamer (cheaper film and sooo pretty, but poorly made). Or other lomography/toy cameras, like a Holga.
I've come to realise that without meaning to I've ruled out not having one at all, because for so long now i've been yearning over these dreamy, vignetted, saturated photos you get with these film cameras...

Just a quick example

vintage polaroid- So retro
Diana F+ - just stunning!
Such a tricking decision, any advice?

Happy weekend, Rosie


  1. I just bought the polaroid land camera for my friend for her birthday, it takes such lovely photos, but the film is ridiciously expensive - £17.50 for 8 photos! Though I suppose it's worth it, as the tint and exposure are lovely :) ... just gotta choose your photos wisely! aha :)
    Flora x

  2. yes the film is very pricey and hard to get hold of! but i think i'm swaying towards the polaroid because apparently the diana's break really easily..
    thanks a lot for the helpful feedback! :)
    Rosie xxx