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03 September 2011

Not all the ads are bad.

Sometimes you find good music in the ways you least expect! Admittedly most adverts are horrifically bad and annoying, but at least some good tunes are played. You may even be able to guess what ads these are from...

1. Gary Nock- Make it better

2. Radical Face- Welcome home

3. Foster the People- Pumped up kicks

4. Tim Myers- Simply Wonderful

5. Fiction- Big things (wait for it to pick up at 1:30)

6. Cults- Go outside

7. Crystal Fighters- Plage

8. Cassius- I love u so

9. The Kinks- Days

1. Mars
2. Nikon
3. O2 priority moments
4. Hellmans mayonnaise
5. Ford Fiesta
6. Brothers Cider
7. Matalan
8. Citroen
9. Volkswagen

Btw, might be worth mentioning I'm not actually a t.v or advert addict, i promise! That would just be weird...

Have a good day, Rosie xxx