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18 January 2011

Baking made easy...

My second blog of the day, and, I just can't stop!!!
If you like my secret fudge recipe, then here's more!!  I was watching a program last night called 'Baking Made Easy' presented by Lorraine Pascale.  She cooks the most delicious, but really easy recipes.  So, if your cooking skills are as bad as burning a piece of toast, then look at her recipes, or watch the program on iplayer...

                                               Hannah   xx


  1. I watched that, thought it was really interesting. Especially the whole ice cube thing when cookind bread!!xx

  2. Cute blogit's a great idea that you all decided to do it together x


  3. keep the comments coming!! It would be great to have some more ideas on what to post...thanks...
    Hannah xx