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27 January 2011

'Nothing makes a woman more beautiful, than the belief she is beautiful' - Sophia Loren

We all need a little 'me time' at the end the day, and what better way to do it than have a nice warm bath with bubbles galore!  So when we come to moisturising ourselves, us girls only like to have the best.  But never fear!  Hannah is here to save the day on your moisturising worries....

My first tip is to never buy the cheapest moisturiser, even if it does have a 5 star rating, because believe me, it doesn't work.  What your looking for is one that will moisturise right through the skin and absorb into the skin and which will keep you feeling soft through the day.

So!  If you have a wallet the size of the earth then how about this:
 Coming in at a whopping £60 bangers, try Bliss Fat Girl Sleep.  Get a full night's 'booty' sleep with this supercharged sister to the famed Bliss Fat Girl Slim. Formulated with encapsulated slender complex that releases dimple diminishers and soothing lavender for up to 6 hours, Bliss Fat Girl Sleep Super-Sized ultra-rich cream helps make the most of your body's overnight restorative process.  Bliss Fat Girl Sleep is a velvety, creamy cellulite treatment that works at night when your body is in repair and fasting mode, to deliver a sleeping "booty" treatment which diminishes the appearance of cellulite and dimples.

However, if you're looking for something more reasonable, try Figs and Rouge Rambling Rose Body Lotion coming in at a nice £12.95.  Figs & Rouge Luxury Organic Body Lotion is infused with rejuvenating botanicals and formulations that help restore & retain skins natural moisture.  Formulated using Organic Rose oil, Shea Butter, Aloe & Seed Oils to moisturise & hydrate skin naturally. Excellent for dry & irritated skin.

My 5 best body lotions:

1.  Palmer's cocoa body butter - £3.77.  
2.  No. 7 protect and perfect intense body serum - £17.00
3.  Bio-oil - £15.31
4.  Aveeno skin relief body lotion - £4.76
5.  Johnson's body care 24 hour moisturiser radiance body lotion with Shea and cocoa butters - £3.05

And finally, my personal favourite...it has to be soap and glory body butter!!  You can't get much better than I this!!  Buying this for the first time wasn't intentional as it was supposed to be Izzy's birthday present, luckily I found something else, and could resist trying this one out!  I've never found anything else like it....

Have fun pampering!!!

Love Hannah xxx

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