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29 January 2011

Gettin' crafty.

Hello Bloggers!
So in the summer *sigh*, me Hannah and Izzy all decided to design some t-shirts at one of our 'crafty sessions'. So we all sat out in the garden, with our fabric paints (£2.99 from WHSmith can you believe it?!), whilst quaintly sipping tea. How idyllic! We chose a theme of food (typical us), and so I did beans on toast, Izzy a pot of marmite, and Hannah a conversation between an ice cream and a cupcake. Ha ha! But, I ran out of fabric paint, and then took about 4 months before I finally bought some more, so I only finished it in the Christmas holidays! Anyway, here they are!

This one is Izzy's! Either love it or hate it ;)...i love it!

This one is Hannah's. How cute is it?! "I'm sweeter than you!"

This one is mine! By the way, in the top right corner it says "*Caution: not edible".

Hope you like them! I mainly just wear mine around the house, it's surprisingly warm! Hope y'all having a great weekend.

Love Rosie xxx