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22 January 2011

Must be my turn!

Hope you lovelies are having a nice weekend! I've been in town today with Izzy and Hannah- Hannah got her ears pierced! It was a big occasion. I'm trying to limit my trips to town these days though, because every time I go it just reminds about how short on money I am, and then when I see something I really like, I can't buy it! Which is why I'm semi on the hunt for a Saturday job, to fulfil my shopping cravings. (pretty low i know). Anyway, I don't have a very 'productive' post today, It's just me rambling, but my next one will be a 'proper' post, when I won't have so much homework stacked up. It's just as well Dad never fails to cheer me up...

Just to say, as of next week there will be a proper rota for when we each blog. I'm going to be Monday to Tuesday, Hannah is Wednesday to Thursday, and Izzy is Friday to Saturday. Sunday is our day of rest! hehe.

Love Rosie xxxx

P.S if you get any spare time this weekend, be sure to checkout eBay, it's on a up at the moment and I've already bagged some bargains!


  1. Very cute post and your dad is sweet! lol


  2. oh the all time classic problem: its so irritating to go out with a friend for shopping and end up without having shopped at all :/

  3. Marcy: Thanks! haha, I think so too :)

    Jeanne: Ahh so true, how many time has that happened!


  4. i'm following u xoxo