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17 January 2011

Greetings to the blogosphere.

Oh wow, this is too exciting. Our blog is up and running! We really really hope you enjoy snooping around 'gingham and roses'-when it has a few more posts!  Here's to our first blog post...just some random questions about us.

Left to right: Rosie, Izzy, Hannah.


Guilty Pleasures?
Hannah's homemade fudge and cheesecake. No competition.
Three wardrobe staples?
Izzy: Silk scarf, denim jacket, leather satchel.
Rosie: Silk blouse, brogues, knit leggings/tights.
Hannah: Jeans, my old necklaces and silk scarves
Favourite nail polish?
Izzy: topshop 'geography teacher'.
Rosie: topshop 'gone fishing'.
Hannah: orly 'total knockout'.
Top beauty tip?
Izzy: Drink water, moisturise, and sudocrem on growing spots works wonders.
Rosie: Blistex healing lip balm is a must have for chaffed winter lips.
Hannah: Don't wear much foundation, otherwise you end up looking you dipped your face in pancake mixture.
Favourite tea?
Izzy: Tetly redbush
Rosie: Twinings Assam
Hannah: Twinings chai 
Favourite meal?
Izzy: Mexican quesadillas and guacamole.
Rosie: Stir-fry
Hannah: BLT sandwich 
What takeaway?
Izzy: Thai
Rosie: Indian
Hannah: Pizza
Coast or country?
Izzy: Country
Rosie: Coast
Hannah: Country
Dream 3 dinner guests?
Izzy: Barack Obama, Kate Moss, Nigella Lawson.
Rosie: Kate Moss, Jack Steadman, Stephen Hawkings.
Hannah: Usain Bolt, Audrey Hepburn, Cheryl Cole.
Favourite movie?
Izzy: Breakfast at Tiffany's
Rosie: Chariots of Fire
Hannah: Breakfast at Tiffany's, Pride and Prejudice 
Dream holiday?
Izzy: Hawaii
Rosie: Bali, Indonesia
Hannah: Around the world
Toast topping?
Izzy: Honey
Rosie: Humus
Hannah: Jersey black butter, thanks to Rosie!
Life soundtrack?
Izzy: Here comes the sun, The Beatles.
Rosie: Bittersweet symphony, The Verve.
Hannah: Welcome Home, Radical Face and to build a home, the cinematic orchestra 
Favourite cake?
Izzy: Hummingbird bakery- red velvet.
Rosie: Carrot cake
Hannah: Sticky toffee cake
Spray or roll on?
Izzy: Spray
Rosie: Roll on
Hannah: Spray
Favourite smell?
Izzy: Something baking in the aga.
Rosie: freshly cut grass
Hannah: my mum's shortbread out of the oven
Weirdest dream?
Izzy: Giant singing marshmellows were chasing me.
Rosie: An orange walking along a never ending wall, stealing the hats from the people below him.
Hannah: swimming in an ocean with octopus' and babies with nappies.
Play any musical instruments?
Izzy: Piano.
Rosie: Clarinet, Piano.
Hannah: Piano.
Red or pale lipstick?
Izzy: Pale
Rosie: Red
Hannah: Pale
Broken any bones?
Izzy: Finger.
Rosie: Wrist and nose.
Hannah: Nearly my Coccyx

Please stick with us, we've got lots of great things to share with you! Have a good rest of week lovely people.

The Roses xxxx

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