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23 January 2011

Just a quickie.

Just had to sneak in a post before my main one on monday/tuesday. It is my Dad's birthday today (now at the ripe age of 59!), and we went out for a cute lunch at The Navigator with some friends. Which by the way was lovely, and if you ever go there I strongly advise the profiteroles for dessert! So I decided to wear my Christmas present from my parents, which I hadn't worn until today because it's only just been altered. It's a gorgeous 70s houndstooth suit from rokit, which I'd dropped a hint about!

So perhaps the photo doesn't show it off greatly, but never mind. And just a quick note, how amazing is this top???!!

IT'S SO MUI MUI LIKE ITS DISTRESSING ME. If only ModCloth wasn't so expensive, this cute pussybow top would already be in my wardrobe!
Anyway, hope you've all had a good day.

Love Rosie xxx


  1. hi!!
    amazing post! ^^
    i'm from spain!
    i hope you follow me!:)

  2. This is a lovely blog! :)

    I hope we can follow one another. ;)


  3. You look great honey.
    LOVE your suit!!!!

  4. Love your outfit!!! Looks so chanel and you wear it incredibly well!!

    Stop by sometime dear xx


  5. cool blog


  6. love your outfit!! and the shirt u're wearing inthe photo is awsome xoxo