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01 February 2011

Ma chambre dans le centre de mon coeur...

And so we begin the week of snooping around our bedrooms! There's nothing like waking up in the morning surrounded by personal possessions that shape who you are.  I've definitely got my favourites!!!  My bedroom is inspired by country chic.  Nothing beats the soft colours of duck egg blue contrasting with soft pinks.  I love looking around charity shops for one off pieces (which is where I get most of my furniture from now). Here's something I made earlier...

I made this photo frame by spray painting a simple wooden frame.  I found a really cheap plate with a nice design on it and smashed it to pieces (great stress reliever)!!! Stuck the pieces on and voila!!! Simples...

My next bargain has to be my beloved chair, literally rescued by my mum from the charity shop.  It was a horrible green velvet chair which was in quite good condition.  We re-upholstered it and love the end result.  It's also super comfy.  Thanks mum...


I love my bathroom just as much as my room!!!  I've only just got round to re-decorating it and gone for bright colours and old posters....

I just couldn't squeeze in everything so why not put all my other ornaments in together. And I just couldn't forget my big blue coffee jug.  Who knows what I'll use it for...it just looks nice... 

You'll be surprised my the amount of things you can buy in charity shops...so why not pop down today for some great deals!!!

Have a great week..

Hannah xxx


  1. my mother used to smash up old plates and stick the pieces onto plant pots!what a fabulous idea with the chair from the charity shop, here in london tho you really have to look hard for good buys in charity shops,
    fabulous post
    much love

  2. adorable photos. would love to follow each other!?



  3. The chair in your bedroom is so cute!! I really love the coffee jug too! My room needs a major update as well but I'm such a big procrastinator, haha ;-) xoxoxoo

  4. I love all these little things especially the chair! When i move into my new uni house next year us girls are hoping to decorate it like this!
    Wheres the materials from?
    www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3

  5. thanks for all the lovely posts!!! I got all my material from my local fabric store. Not sure what the make is though. I'm glad you all like my chair - happen to be sitting on it right now :D

  6. im always suprised at what i find in charity shops
    i would love for you to check out my blog and tell me what you think

  7. I love the look of your room - so cute and cozy! Like a room should be! :-)
    I'm your 24'th follower :D Hope you'll stop by my blog, and perhaps follow me too, if you like, which I hope :-)

  8. really cute room. especially like the stripey chair.

    I always get good bargains in thrift stores/charity shops. I also went to a bootsale in the summer and got loads of great stuff for my room at uni, so I'd recommend going to one.



  9. i love those pics! i like this type of design. very cozy, vewy warm and grily!