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11 April 2011

A cute day.

So, today was pretty cute. I went into to town with the mama to get odds and ends, and then met up with izzy and hannah in coffee republic.
I'm pretty sure we've mentioned it on the blog before, but for a while we've been meaning to getting around to playing 'the business card game'. Okay, so maybe we just made it up...but still! Basically, the person who collected the most got a chai latte paid by the other two, and the loser had to go buy a pregnancy test from the pharmacy!!
We decided we'd give it a whirl, and we all set off on our john to collect as many business cards as we could in half an hour.
I can honestly tell you, it was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life. The looks and stares you got when you asked at counters for them were horrendous, but the worst bit was when they asked you why you wanted one and you had no frickin' idea of what to say!
Anyway, that aside it was quite funny. Thankfully, we all bumped into each other in the market and agreed it was simply too embarrassing to do it alone and stopped our little game.
For some strange reason that I can't quite explain we still wanted to continue, so we went around together instead and took it in turns to ask at the counter. We decided to aim for 20 business cards...and 20 we got!
We then resided to 'Bean around the World' where we had a nice cuppa and swapped ideas for what other plans we had for the holidays.
But the gingham and roses troop don't stop there! We walked from town to Hannah's house (after having spent AGES in the fabric factory where Hannah wanted some material to make here latest project- a pair of shorts) where we read old magazines, listened to some good music and turned the sewing machine on. How perfect!
Hope you had a lovely day, even if it wasn't as weird as ours.

Just because every post should really have more than just writing, what do you think of this? I so want this to be my birthday cake...

Not sure if guys read  The Drifter and the Gypsy (it's a fab blog) but it's great for finding the cutest little pictures like this one.

Love Rosie XXX

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  1. Aww that cake is so cute! Love the bunting! :)

  2. aha sounds like a fun game!
    Flora x

  3. i think i might have to try that game out somtime :) sounds fun ;) XXX