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20 April 2011

Happy Birthday Hannah.

Finallly! Our Izzy and Rosie joint blog post, and what an exiting one.
On Monday it was Hannahs Birthday, a very exiting time for us at ginghamandroses, especially us as we had planned a very special secretive suprise for Hannah on her birthday.
The plan was for an unassuming Hannah to meet us outside coffee republic, where she would find an envelope adressed to her. Inside the envelop she would find clues leading her on a trail around town where she would eventually end up at Coppers coffee cafe (exclusive to Jersey!) where we had arranged a special suprise for her...
Everything seemed to be going to plan as we hid inside Topshop opposite coffee republic waiting for hannah to open the envelope and start the scavenger hunt. Unfortunately, Hannah chose that moment to wonder into topshop a little early in search of a birthday outfit. We grabbed the first thing off the rail and dived into the changing rooms, whilst Hannah completely oblivious continued browsing.
All went well from there and a very quick Hannah arrived at the Cafe where we treated her to a very delicous afternoon tea/birthday suprise courtesy of the lovely David Warr (we reccomend you jersey beans go there, the cake is amazing!)
So anyway we'll stop our exited ramblings and let the pictures do the talking, because it was quite a gorgeous day:

The one and only...

It was such a nice lunch, the floral and dotted china tea set is just the bomb. Apparently this photo may be used as a sort of advertising poster for Cooper's coffee cafe for people to receive the same afternoon treat- so Jersey beans keep your eyes peeled...
We slyly quizzed Hannah about a week before her birthday over what her favourite cake was, and this^ was our answer. It was THE BEST carrot cake you will ever find! The cream cheese topping had orange zest in, it made it so good.

Chilling in Hannah's beautiful garden whilst getting to grips with the self timer on Rosie's camera...

The first part of Hannah's presents included: A 'Kirstie Allsopp  sewing box that we knew she had her eye on, a pretty French floral vintage tin we discovered at the vintage fair, and a beautiful 'Kate Middleton' style ring from the vintage fair that we knew Hannah also had here eye on (even though it's too big, ha ha).

The other bit of Hannah's presents: a framed vintage poster, because Hannah is redoing her bathroom by decorating it with framed pictures, so we thought it was quite appropriate! ..and yes, you saw correctly, it is indeed a signed Usain Bolt photo for the Bolt herself.

Rosie's AMAZING *hint sarcasm* homemade wrapping paper, trying to show everything that makes Hannah, well, Hannah. It's not the full thing, but you get the idea.
the outside of Rosie's card to Hannah

          Unfortunately there seems to be  a 'service error' when we tried to upload a picture of the inside of Rosie's card, but nevertheless it said:

Hannah, you never fail to brighten up my day. Happy birthday! Lots of love, Rosie xxx

We also don't have any pictures of the card Izzy gave to Hannah, but on the outside it said 'Keep calm and think like Hannah', instead of the usual expression 'keep calm and carry on'. In the inside it had lots of nice photos of the three of us, and a quote saying:

Friends are like the chocolate chips in the cookie of life. Sometimes hard to find, but always make the cookie 10 times better. Thank you for being my special chocolate chip.'
Happy birthday Hannah! Love Izzy xoxo

...or words to that effect!

It was SUCH an enjoyable day, we know how much Hannah loved it too which made all the preparations very worthwhile. Although, I don't think we will be able to eat cake again for a while, we ate a ridiculous amount! ...actually, you can never have too much cake, or tea for that matter.

We hope you also have had a nice start to the week, love Izzy and Rosie xxxx

P.S gingham and roses are planning their bike ride soon as you have been previously made aware, but will be sure to make a good blog about too. So stay tuned...

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  1. Aww this is such a lovely post! I remember when we did a little treasure hunt around my house for my friends 16th Birthday years ago it was so fun!
    Such a lovely idea, and that cake looks yummy :)
    I'm thinking you like cake... so check out my new post that features a lot of caaaaaake!

  2. yes, it was such a lovely day!
    hehe, okay, we'll check it out :)
    Rosie and Izzy xxx