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23 April 2011

Something Good

I'm finally 15!!  and I can't describe in words how beautiful my birthday was.  It has to be the best birthday I've had ever and it was all down to Izzy and Rosie.  I feel like a new woman...
It seems like AGES since I last posted, sorry about that, but my 'relaxing holiday' hasn't quite gone to plan!  It seems as though my holiday has been packed full of things to do and time is flying away - as it does in the holidays and unfortunately I have been ill these past few days, but as I always say 'I'll live'.

It's another sunny week in Jersey, and I'm not letting it go to waste....Last night, my mum and I went down to st. Ouen's beach just as the sun was setting and we watched it go down with a cup of hot chocolate from El Tico after walking for miles taking photos along the way.  It was lovely watching all the surfer's and their family's setting up there BBQ's with sausages smoking away whilst the kid's ran around on the beach.  It was the perfect setting for a well deserved break from my revision.  Well, I say revision, more like catching up on facebook whilst staring out of the window wondering why the sky is blue.  I always find it hard to revise and I've always got other things on my mind at the time.

After me rambling on, I've got some sewing news for y'all...
A few posts back, I told you I was going to make a pair of shorts.  Well...it's a lot more complicated that I thought and so it'll be a few months before I probably get started, buy luckily the granny's on hand to help me...

I do have skirt to show you though.  I went to hospice the other day and I found a lovely white skirt!  I couldn't help but add my personal touches to it and although the skirt was down to the floor, it wasn't quite the style I was going for.  So, I took it up and gave it a good wash!

Topshop skirt - £130.00
My skirt - Jacques Vert - £4.00

Lots of love

Hannah    xxx


  1. It looks lovely- what a bargain too!! xx

  2. wow it looks amazing- i think it is better than the topshop one :)