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17 April 2011

Travels with the Easter Bunny

Sorry about the late post bloggers ,i know Sunday is supposed to be our day of rest n'all but i only just got back last night and didn't get chance to post .
I've just got back from a lovely two days away in Brighton ,yes i know the gay capital of the UK but the shopping really is very good there and needless to say i picked up a few things. It really is the most amazing city and as some would say its ' London by the sea' . With its rambling lanes where i could of rambled all day soaking up the little shops , cupcake bakeries Japanese candy stores and vintage shops you name it they have it !
And guess who remembered their camera ...
Beautiful and Delicious cupcakes from  the Angel Food Bakery  ,must find out how to recreate their Banoffee flavoured cupcake.
Choccy woccy doodah ( yes that is how its spelt ) a bit like heaven in a chocolate shop really.
Some would say that only me ( and my obsession with Cinnamon buns) could seek out the only shop in Brighton selling imported American candy , and Cinnamon buns in a box.
Another pair of sunglasses i hear Rosie shout... Yes i know but they were such a good price...
Sorry for my ramblings bloggers ! This week looks to be an exiting one for ginghamandroses. Not only is it Hannah's Birthday tomorrow ( i think I'm more exited than she is ) , we're planning our gingham and roses cycle ride on Wednesday , and to top it all of i can finally eat chocolate on Sunday . What a week.
Anyway the jersey sunshine is calling
Have a good Sunday
Izzy X

P.s Don't forget to comment on hannah 's post about our exiting giveaway( titled Something to celebrate) you could win a MAC lipstick of your choice . Now that really is something to celebrate !


  1. those cupcakes look amazing and this top is gorgeous for summer :) i'm counting down to eating chocolate again on sunday as well, only six more sleeps!! xx

  2. wow i'd love to be able to make cupcakes like that!

    love milly xxx

  3. heyy guys :) please follow me :) xx

  4. hey guys please follow me :) xxx

  5. YUM, those cupcakes look great.
    Fab blog :)!
    Now a follower :)
    Jade By The Sea