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08 April 2011

The *Easter* Bucket List.

The sun is shining and i just had to walk about 5 miles to get home ,oh well nothing like a nice country walk (or sweaty jog) to clear the head. Theres only 2 more days till the holidays bloggers and i can't wait -sun ,sea ,and lots and lots of blogging ! We were all wistfully thinking up ideas of things we should do in Easter and thought why not write a bucket list ( being the organised person i am ....) see what you think any suggestions would be greatly appreciated I've tried to include a mixture of everything.
So here it is the ginghamandroses list of things I'm going to try and do this Easter .(aka The Easter Bucket List )
-  The Gingham and roses bike ride , oh yes we ride bikes two we've decided to ride to each others houses and round the island in the course of a day a bit ambitious ? We'll see..

- Do some baking -it is Easter so we do have some rather chocolate related recipes to conquer-oh and some hot cross buns of course

- Celebrate Hannah's Birthday ,one of the most important things . Hannah will just have to wait and see...

- Watch lots and lots of movies , we have a very long list to get through . If anyone has any other good movie suggestions they would be appreciated . Y'know just to add to the list..

- Make ,Make ,Make . I know I'll be popping round to Hannah's to use her sewing machine (with some help of course , my sewing skills are much to be desired) we'll keep you posted.
-Shop!, that's the local hospice shop and I'm sure I'll be picking up some bargains.

-Sunnnnnn, i know I'll be topping up my tan in the nice Jersey weather every ones hoping for .

- Swim ,i couldn't include sun without the sea part right ? I'm determined to go swimming and I'm not going to let the cold sea temperatures stop me .

- Pampering myself . A day of nothing is always a day well spent and I'm determined to recreate these nails:

-A picnic ! Such a country bumpkin thing to do , delicious food and lots of sun we just haven't decided where yet ...

-Photography : Ginghamandroses will be cracking out the cameras to capture Jersey at its nicest this Easter.

-Exploring : We'll be exploring Jersey from top to bottom . if your a jersey bean please tell us your best places to go -then we'll blog about it !

-Blogggggiinnggg  (of course) We've got some great ideas for posts,hopefully some joint ones you'll just have to wait and see...

-Music whichever beaches we (hopefully) go to we'll be taking the i-pod speakers with us.
If you listen to one song today make it this . It'll definitely be on my Easter Playlist . Tell us whats on yours !

Any other ideas to add to our bucket list would be appreciated along with some movie/baking/music suggestions etc
Happy Holidays everyone!
Only one more day to go
Love Izzy X

P.S Only 5 more followers left until we can do our giveaway -keep on following more on that to come :)

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