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07 April 2011

Sun, and all things sweet...

So here I am in my garden soaking in the first of the summer sun whilst listening to a bit of Mumford and sons to put me in the mood...summer always puts me in a good mood, it gives me something to live for!  I am in love with summer and this year I'm determined to get a proper tan and scrap the fake tan bottles hiding at the back of my cupboard and the more I think about it, the more I crave for the summer holidays!!  And you know what this means, a summer wardrobe.  I have to admit I had an 'ebay' moment a few days ago, and couldn't help but buy a few things.  I managed to buy two pairs of blue denim shorts for only £5.20.  There's always a bit of satisfaction when you get something for  bargain!!!  But, I just couldn't stop there and I bought a gorgeous pair of vintage sunglasses!  But knowing me, the rain clouds and cold weather will be back by the time my beauties arrive...

Have a fab easter and enjoy the summer sun while it lasts!!!

Hannah       xxx

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