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29 April 2011

The wedding of a lifetime...

Where can I begin to describe what an amazing wedding it was!  I, myself am quite a royalist and i've been counting down the days for the royal wedding and it's turned out far better than i had expected.  This morning I got up super early, not only to see all of the preparation but the fact that I was SO excited too.  And to get us in the mood, I went about hanging bunting, flags and balloons around my house to celebrate.  The afternoon te set made its first appearance in years and the atmosphere everywhere was brilliant...I couldn't wait to wear my new red skirt that i bought from hospice charity shop along with my white and blue accessories...

And Cate's dress!!!!  Could it be any more beautiful!

it's just a short one today, but well done to the happy couple!!

Hannah xxx


  1. do you mind checking out my blog? feel free to follow me ;) or at least tell my what you are thingking about it



  2. Uuuuh the dress!! :) so breathtaking

  3. ooooh I love her dress!


  4. will do joanna !
    i think we can all safely say it was a truly AMAZING dress :) XX

  5. wow were you girls actually in the crowd?
    that would be amazing, haha totally jealous if you were. yes i agree her dress was to perfection! xox

  6. no unfortunatley we weren't though we would of given anything to be -i agree very jelous of any bloggers who were in the crowd ! XX

  7. P.S Gingham and Roses would like to apologise for the misspelling of Kates name , little bit of mistake as she is our future queen sorry everyone! XXXXX