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01 May 2011

Little Secrets.

Apologies bloggers ,this post was actually meant to be posted yesterday but due to me being a bad blogger and my inability to keep my eyes open after nine (yes nine) games of netball, here it is today.
Me and Rosie have just got back from a two day netball tournament, which inevitably was tiring but did include a shopping trip . Annoyingly though this meant missing the Royal wedding something which I'd been looking forward to for months. To make up for it I've spent most of my spare time watching the highlights -and for everyone of you who saw it didn't she look divine?! That Sara Burton/House of McQueen Dress gave me serious outfit envy but didn't everyone feel that way? I know I'll be wistfully thinking about that day for a very long time.
So anyway, it seems like i haven't blogged for ages and i thought I'd update you all on some of my recent purchases :


Tie Rack Scarf - Local Hospice barn ( new ).


Jewellery Mannequin -Another Hospice Barn find which i was very pleased to add to my dressing table.

Satchel-primark (yes Primark) i think its a pretty darn good copy, me and Rosie now both have it.

 Have a lovely Bank Holiday -i know I'll be spending mine ,well not doing a lot (its the best way to spend them ) which everyone knows is very productive.

Thank you to all our followers ( and hello to our new ones) !
The next month is a busy one for us at ginghamandroses ,but bear with us I'm sure we won't let that stop us blogging!

Izzy x
P.S Thinking about trying some new nail art, i know theres lots of new trends at the moment -like polish that cracks etc . Any recommendations ? 


  1. Primark have really upped their game lately! Love that bag. And the scarf is gorgeous too.

    Where the wild things might be...

  2. they really have -i must say i was really suprised to find it! Thanks XX

  3. i love you blog come check out mine and maybe follow ? xx :)