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12 June 2011

Let the bidding begin!

Sorry the posts have been a bit mucked around these past few weeks partly due to ginghamandroses busy timetable and partly due to posting confusions.But not to worry all will be back to normal asap!

Ugh its raining in Jersey for the first time in weeks ,which is good for the farmers but not so much for my mood. I'm currently having a revision 'break' . I've got my first maths gcse tomorrow (same one as Hannah) and I'm more than a little nervous . ... Anyway I've got some very exiting news ,I've finally decided to move into the craze ( a little late admittedly) and get my own eBay account . Its all very exiting especially for a money saver like me ,as everything is so cheap. So i spotted a few lovelies recently:

A perfect festival top from topshop for a third of the usual price.That's eBay...

How cute!- A personalised scrabble necklace !

I'm currently in a bidding war for this baby . It'll be worth it though. I've always wanted a vintage Polaroid camera.

And before i go....
You won;t be able to stop humming this i promise you...
Anyway back to revision !
Really sorry for the shortness of the post and my ramblings....
Wish me luck for tomorrow !
I'll keep you updated on the bidding...
Izzy XX

P.S Although this weeks been busy I've found time for some baking so a baking post could be on the way.


  1. I just caught up on your posts. I'm going to be working in The Vintage Tearoom as of saturday!
    And be careful with the polaroid, film ranges from about £20-£40 as they dont make it any more! Most are expired though,you get some pretty cool effects.
    Love the blogxxx

  2. Goodluck with your GCSE's! I'm taking mine too! Followed xx

  3. Ahh I used to live in Jersey :) I miss it there! Great blog girls:) I followed.