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20 June 2011

Snap happy

So this is how it went...
Having just got back from a weekend netball trip in London, I arrived home and unpacked my bag and got my books ready for school tomorrow. Your average kinda boring/'really don't wan to go to school tomorrow' feeling Sunday evening, no?

BUT (a very big but) it turned out to be no ordinary evening. My much loved Mum ever so casually sprung a lovely surprise on me. She said "Oh Rosie, forgot to mention, take a look in the study there are some things in there I thought you might be interested in."
Not wanting to get my hopes up, I expected it was going to be a pencil which she found that had my name on or something. But oh how I was wrong. I will remember to have more faith in my Mum next time!
Take a look at these beauties...

Jealous? Hmm thought so. The Kodak Brownie camera was my Granddad's, and the Canon AV-1 was my Dad's. The price of the film for either cameras will obviously be pretty crazy, but I might buy one roll for each (if can get hold of some) just to see what sort of images they take, and then leave them be for ornamental purposes!
Also, I think I might try clearing out the old cupboards sometime!

Have a nice week, Rosie xxx

P.S Hope you had a great day spoiling your Dad on Sunday, I wish I could have been at home for more of the day. I love you so much Dad, keep fighting on. xx

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