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26 June 2011

There must be something in the Danish waters

Is it just me, or is it SUCH a shame that Danish model Mathias Lauridsen is 27, otherwise it would be very understandable (at my age) to like him...a lot.

(All from Google Images), and the bottom
left picture he's the one in blue.
In case you're still not convinced...

^Ignore his answers, most of them are rubbish.

On another note, hope you're soaking up the rays if you're in Jersey. I really don't want the lovely weather to ever end! I spent the weekend with friends, sunbathing, swimming (and yes, the sea is still pretty damn cold) and taking a visit to the Island's Synagogue (this is where R.E projects take you these days!). 

Have a nice week- only two more left until the Easter holidays! 
Rosie xxx


  1. wow he's so fit!