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16 June 2011

Too much Tea

Firstly I have to say I think my organisational skills have hit ROCK BOTTOM...I seem to have more exams than I planned and the blog has gone completely out of my head, mind you I have been drinking a lot of tea lately!  But I promise things will get better soon!
My summer wardrobe is nearly complete and I can't wait to start wearing them!!

My first buy is from the vintage fair.  It is a knitted type over-top (If you know what I mean??) I never buy clothes from there but when I saw this I could help but buy it...

My new satchel from oxfam was a last minute buy, but I have to say out of all the satchel's I've bought, I'm quite impressed with this one..


I have to admit though I've been in a bit of debt recently since I had a  sudden surge to buy the whole charity shop...luckily my friend was on hand to lend me with some well needed cash!

Love Hannah xxx

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