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30 June 2011

Feeling Jammy .

Its wimbledon week ! And although i am astoundingly crap at tennis i do love a bit of Wimbledon (who doesn't ) . I thought i'd get into the strawberries theme for Wimbledon and make some Jam !

I gave one jar to Hannah as a thank you for finishing my textiles project (more on that later ) and the other well...i'm enjoying it a lot to say the least.

In other news this weeks thoughts include:
  • How hot little old Jersey seems to be getting and it looks to get hotter for the weekend , im planning a tanning extravanganza followed by a visit to the much loved vintage fair maybe a few charity shops as well who knows ...
  • Sales ....Urban outfitters have a great one on and im looking paticuarly at this cute pair of bleached dungarees.

Cute non?

  • Olympic tickets -Yes i finally got them ,shame there for womans weighlifting though.
  • Speaking of tickets i still need to get my Jersey Live and Grassroots festival ticket, abosulutly can't wait to see Ben Howard in the flesh ,being a jersey bean its just about the highligt of my year.
  • I've decided to motivate myself for the summer and try and get a job,even if its just serving ice-creams at a beach cafe i won't care i just need the money!
If i carried on rambling on about my thoughts like this i'd be here all day ! So i think i'll just stop now...

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