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04 June 2011

Ginghamandroses reunited.

I should start by saying that I'm a bad bad blogger, this is a late post. I've just been so busy ever since I've been back I've hardly had any free time!
I had a fabulous time in Sicily as you must already know, and though its great to finally be back to Jersey (and Hannah!) the weather just isn't the same although we have had some nice sunny days. I really don't know where the week has gone between sunbathing, charity shopping, baking, ebaying (I'm now an official eBay addict) and working (or trying to -i don't think I've actually done any yet) its suddenly Saturday. Oh well I'm home for the summer now so hopefully I'll have a lot more free time.
Well anyway on Wednesday gingham and roses were finally reunited -and we all met up in the afternoon for a catchup over milkshakes in our favourite cafe (bean around the world for you jersey beans) and a spot of charity shopping. Then in the evening to make pizzas, eat cake, watch chicken run (a classic movie not to be missed) whilst eating popcorn, and then talk some more. Because there was a lot of catching up to do!
This was the gorgeous cake Hannah made for us as a welcome home present. Isn't it fabulous?
She got the inspiration for the decoration from a post Rosie did on the lovely blog the Drifter and the Gypsy: http://ginghamandroses.blogspot.com/2011/04/cute-day.html
These are our delicious pizzas we made clockwise from top, Hannah's, Izzy's and Rosie's.

Seeing as we hadn't had much unwinding pampering time in a while we thought we try our hand at making our own rejuvenating face masks from a book Rosie brought along 'Fifi Lapin What shall i wear today?'. Its all about style and beauty from the perspective of a very fashionable rabbit who also has her own blog. Click here to go the blog its rather cute. So anyway we thought we'd try her carrot and lemon face mask but in classic ginghamandroses style it didn't quite got to plan. The only carrots we had were slightly mouldy and we only had oranges not lemons. We soon found an avocado instead and thought why not, so our variation was orange and avocado instead of lemon and carrot. Oh well! Even if it was green our skin was still left silky smooth.
If anyone wants the recipe we'll post it soon!
This was our finished result, not bad if you ignore the greenness of it!

It was a very cute day !
 Apologies for the rambling post bloggers, its so good to be back!
I'm off to bake a round of custard creams and do some work now,
needless to say there'll be more eating than working!
Izzy XX

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