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09 June 2011

Out and About

Sorry for the VERY late post!  exams and other things have got the better of me and I feel really bad.

Anywhoo getting on with the post, I thought since its the summer, I would tell you about things going on out and about.
A brand new, VINTAGE tea room has just opened!  we all cant wait to go but you'll have to wait for Izzy's post to tell you all the details, but looking through the window it looks amazing, you cannot afford to miss it!

Another event going on is for any of you cooking enthusiasts who love to bake.  A bakery demonstration is going on in Le Levieres shop in town from 10-late afternoon on saturday.  It looks good and you never know it might inspire you!

The vintage fair is also this Saturday, and I think I may have time to squeeze it in in the morning.  One of my friends is desperate to go so I might see some of you down there...

There is a huge norman fete going on down by liberation square.  which looks really sweet and there is going to be lots of entertainment and food down there on saturday and sunday as well.

I'm in love with this song by ed sheeran at the moment.
Sorry for a boring post!!
Hannah xxx

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