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31 May 2011

A little inspiration.

Hello bloggers!

Well let me start off by mentioning how me and Izzy had such a good time in Sicily- even though it would have been 10x better if Hannah could have come. We met so many great and friendly new people, and I was so much fun mixing with people from completely different places and backgrounds, and the language barrier didn't seem to stand in the way. We also had success in our Athletics, which I guess is what the trip was all about! The trip really was great, but if we can all go next year (where it's in Sardinia) I can see it being even better! Here are a few photo's, although most of the good ones are on Izzy's camera...
P.S the weather was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G

At the opening ceremony.
On the beautiful beach with two of the lovely Isle of Wight girls.

Everywhere you went in Palermo (the place we were in in Sicily) they sold the most amazing range of ice cream- So Italian. I had a Kinda Bueno flavour ice cream!

Us and the multiple Sardinian Supermen!
Okay so with last week summed up (by the way Hannah thanks for doing a great job of keeping the blog alive whilst we were gone) I'm going to ramble about some internet shop browsing that caught my eye. I've come to realise that the part of my wardrobe that most needs updating is my jewellery. I haven't bought any for ages, and I need something to spice it up, something a bit quirky. I love the new 'secret store' in Topshop featuring limited edition jewellery from NYC designer names, such as Meadham Kirchhoff. Unfortunately the prices are a little out of my budget, but I can dream, right? This is one of my favourite pieces:

I love the Aztec look to it, and it's very 'festivally' too.
I also browsed Rokit for some quirky jewellery and I found this necklace. It's so cute and it has so much attention to detail, but because I'm so stingy with my money I still think £15 is too much to pay for such a small thing, personally.

As I carried on looking at the high street's latest collections, I kinda fell in love with Polish photographer Lukasz Wierzbowski's photo shoot and interview from Urban Outfitters latest collection 'Great Lengths'. I think it's great, and really captures a theme of hide-and-seek/rustic summer vibes. Here are some of my favourite snaps, and by the way you should check out the gorgeous clothes in the collection too.

I know the photo isn't big, but aren't the shoes just lovely? I was so close to buying them.
Okay I know I'm sorry, I went on a bit...again, but it has been a whole week 'ay?
I'm glad you are still awake to read this, and I hope you have a lovely week.

Love Rosie xxx


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