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06 May 2011


ITS THE WEEKEND -in case you didn't know and this means another bank holiday for me and all you other Jersey beans out there. I'm away in the smaller rock tomorrow (for those of you that aren't 'local' that's Guernsey ) but no fear I'll be back to enjoy the sun  Monday promises to bring.
I'm always thinking about my wardrobe and as its nearly summer( May is practically summer surely?) this means everyone has to crack out the shorts ,summer clothes etc. Inevitably every year I'm faced with the same dilemma. What do i add to my wardrobe ? What trends to follow? Am i going to wear it again?
I've also been doing a lot of magazine scouring,online window shopping etc. Which means its time for :




22.99 GBP

I've been looking for the perfect pair of trousers for a while-such a wardrobe staple for summer.
ASOS MALCOLM Suede Punch Out Flat Lace Up Shoes
I would LOVE a pair of coloured brogues -so cool dontcha think?

Truly Madly Deeply Eagle Tee

 This would look great paired with a pair of  denim cut of shorts

  • HOOPA T Bar Sandals £18.00

  • These are festvial sandals,soooo summery...
    Rokit Recycled Aztec Print 'Sac' Bag

    Such a practical beach bag.

    Petite Lace Liz Flippy Dress


    Love,Love,Love -really Erdem  and everyone needs a bit of lace...

    Pherhaps i should try the lottery?
    Have a great weekend everyone ( and bank holiday for some!)
    Izzy XX

    P.S Hannah is busy altering an amazing charity shop shirt -can't wait to see it ,will blog about it next time!


    1. I love the skirt and the sandals, they're both very pretty :)

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    2. love your wishlist, zara is always my money saving downfall! their trousers are always so gorgeous and i love those topshop lace dresses, so pretty! x