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22 May 2011

Spring Stripes.

Helloooo ! This will be my last post for over a week (isn't that a sad thought) because ,as she mentioned before Rosie and i are going to Sicily(!) for the Jeux Des Illes . Its such a sad thought to be leaving Hannah behind but I'm sure they'll be many more Ginghamandroses adventures to come. We'll be missing her lots and lots !
I've spent my last hours on  the packing , baking and generally being lazy .Well i guess I'll make up for It next week. Anyway better get back on subject. My last post will not be a rambling one!
This is the cute little bracelet Hannah gave me and Rosie ,the horseshoe is to wish us luck . Isn't it so cute,i must say she brightens my day....
I've really got into the pinstripe trend recently ,i picked this one up from the Nairobi Slums Charity Shop last weekend.
And another one i couldn't resist,it did have sleeves but was altered by the lovely Hannah -it only cost me 50p and some homemade custard cream biscuits...
This is about as creative as it gets for me , i got this hat from Primark for two pounds but hated the ribbon so i replaced it and voila a whole new hat!

Haven't i been busy?
Have a fabulous week bloggers and ill see you next week
Wish us luck in Sicily -I'll try not too get to sunburned !
Over to Hannah for the week I'm sure she'll do an amazing job as always
Love Izzy XX


  1. I bought a hat from Primark very similar but it's too small for my head :( I didn't think I had a huge head but apparently I do. Never mind...
    I hope you have a lovely time!

  2. i loe your ring in the first picture! have a nice time in sicily! xx