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04 May 2011

When you're feeling down...SHOP!!

Well, well another week snooping around charity shops and I know Rosie and Izzy have both done a blog on their recent buys, but I couldn't help myself!!!  If I don't write about it now, then I never will!!!
My mum found this charity shop which is open every sunday and the bargains down there are really good!!  It's like a big warehouse, a bit like Jersey hopsice barn but slightly smaller and you can get chairs there for £1.00, yes, I told you it was good value!!  By the end of looking around, I picked up around 10 tops, and 3 bags, but mum knows best and I settled on just a few things.  Anyway, moving on to my treasures...

Italian Satchel £4.00

Red Jumper - Summerland £1.00
Blue and White striped shirt - Marks and Spencer £1.00
Denim shirt - £1.00

Another photo frame to add to my collection!!!!

I also picked up a little coat rack to put in my bathroom and I just managed to give it a lick of paint - very relaxing - before I put it on the wall...

I tried to find a really nice song, since I usually post one on the blog, but I just couldn't compete with Izzy's song from the crystal fighters - pretty darn good tune- so here's another one from them!!!

Now, I'm not one of those Glee fans which has posters all over my wall but I fell in love with this song when I watched glee on monday ( a one off occasion)  and I've never heard this song from adele before - shocking??? -  Just thought I might as well post it

Au revoir, as they say!!!!

Hannah xxxxx


  1. I'm still looking for a good denim shirt - wouldn't mind finding one for a quid! :) xxx

  2. Hey where is the warehouse ? xx :)

  3. It's by the right hand side of the grand hotel in st. helier. There's signs!!!!

    happy shopping xxx

  4. Looks like you got some lovely new things! Haha, I swear it's only me who can never find treasures in charity shops!? Also love that song by Adele! x