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23 May 2011

All by myself...

Well, here I am left on my own for a WHOLE week!!  Since Izzy and Rosie jetted off to Gatwick airport for their first stop (I think??) this morning, life hasn't felt quite as sweet as it usually does. But that won't pull me down!!  Besides, I've got you lot to keep me company and I will try to replace Izzy and Rosie's posts just for this week - mind you I have got exams so PLEASE bare with!!

So here's the plan!!  I will talk about all of my recent buys today to fill in for Izzy and then for my post on thursday, I'll show you some of my pictures I've recently took and you'll have to wait to see what I do at the weekend!!

My wardrobe seems to be filling up way too quickly at the moment and every time I step out of the door, I manage to find yet another charity shop full with objects and clothes waiting to be saved and pulled out of the wreckage...
And I can't help but come to the counter with too many things my hands can hold and I seem to get a lot poorer, but hay!  It's for charity so i'm not that fussed.  This week I went to my local charity warehouse AND they had a half price sale!!  I never thought charity shops did sales and I came home with some pretty nice stuff.

Bracelet 50p

Necklace £1.00

Belt £1.00

White Satchel £2.00

I also bought some dark  purple silk-like trousers so I'm going to make them into shorts for may half term and on Saturday, I also bought a long skirt from the hospice shop which  had a stained glass effect on it so I am going to make that shorter.  I would show them to you but they're in the wash.  Looks like I'll be kept busy whilst the girls are away!!  

Hope you haven't been too bored whilst I've rambled on...

Hannah xx


  1. Wow !! you did great shopping dear... <3 Im following
    peace, love & joy...

  2. thanks very much! We'll follow you back xxx