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16 May 2011

Easy Listening.

Sorry about the unscheduled post bloggers ,i was supposed to post at the weekend but ginghamandroses were at our big athletics competition (very nerve racking) which by the way was a success for everyone . I'm sure you'll get to see some pictures soon!
Its so very nearly summer and this means the festival season! For us Jersey beans its the very exiting prospect of not only one big festival (Jersey Live ) but two ( grassroots) along with names such as Ben Howard ,Plan B, Madness and Katy B gracing our humble shores. I've been getting in the mood for the festival season by listening to lots of festival music just to prepare me and that means sharing it with you...

Darwin Deez-Up in the Clouds
Gotta Love a bit of Darwin.

Miike Snow-Black and Blue
Such a good song ,it just makes you want to dance.

Johnnie Flynn and Laura Marling -the Water
He's the guy who does the best acoustics and she's the girl behind Noah and the Whales first hit together they make the most summery song ever.

A slower song but it doesn't mean it can't be danced to....


The Strokes are back and as this song proves more than capable of putting together 

a dance worthy tune.
The Strokes -Under Cover Darkness

This is for Hannah ,who i know like me can't stop listening to this song. Beware its catchy.
Two Door Cinema Club-I Can Talk

Becoming a Jackal- Villagers

Had to end with another summery song ,that just encourages you to daydream....
I'd Love to know what your listening to , stop by and leave a comment...
Happy Listening

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