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09 May 2011

Bouts of creativity.

So it's been a bit weird really, because the weekend just gone I kept getting cravings to do something a bit different and creative. This is what the outcomes where:

Yes that's right, I decided to make a necklace! I was trawling through my art draws and found some odds and ends that I felt just had to be put to use. I quite like the outcome which is strange, because all my past attempts at making jewellery have not really gone to plan...

If you are interested in knowing how I made it please comment and I might just do a post on how to do your own. It's easy, promise!

You know I'd forgotten what a bit of colour popping eye shadow can do to complete a look!
T shirt- Topshop, shorts- Rokit, scarf (worn as belt)- vintage fair, tights- Topshop, Rubik's cube earrings(!)- Rokit, necklace- handmade, bracelets- not a clue!

My next little creative idea was sparked awhile ago when the title picture to the fabulous blog Where the Wild Things might be... inspired me. Today I felt in the mood to give it a crack, and so I got planning. I found a cute and 'easy to illustrate' quote said by a person that I find inspiring..and voila! What's the obvious answer?
"If I get married I want to be very married" said by Audrey Hepburn.

Sorry if you don't really 'get it', I just had a weird moment where I had to  give it a go, whether it would work or not! Anywho it took me ages so it's going to be hard to clear it from by bedroom floor! P.S Kinda had to make the picture really big so you could see the small details...

Yesterday I went to the beautiful old seaside town of Gorey (it's actually about 5 minutes down the road, haha) to have lunch with the parents and a family friend. It was a lovely day, if a little windy, but it certainly was the best Jersey crab sandwich I have had in a while. Here's a picture I took of the bay:

And on a note about seafood and stuff, here's another photo I took a week ago in the town fish market (it was to help out a friend who lives in England and needed the photo for an art project):

Sorry it's been quite a picture heavy post, but on the bright side it was either that or me waffling about everything and anything.

Hope you all have a lovely week, and that all you jerseyians are having/had a nice bank holiday celebrating Liberation Day!
Love Rosie xxx

P.S As you know me Izzy and Hannah had an athletics competition at the weekend, and it all went pretty well. Plus, there may be an absence from blogging this weekend because we have another athletics competition in England!


  1. heres a link for the gallery magazine entry (only if you want to)


    if you email it to the address on the link you can win £100 and they publish it 95% of the time :)

    Love Milly XXX

  2. can you mind read?! I was just trying to find out how i can enter a photo to this gallery thing, haha :)

    anyway thanks a lot milly!

    Rosie XXX

  3. i get those same urges too! i love that necklace you made-beautiful! :)


  4. such a cute post, absolutly love the audrey hepburn board, so nice XXX
    please check out my blog and maybe even follow me back.. www.thisisours.blogspot.com