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03 July 2011


I've hardly had time to rest these few days and things have been a little bit hectic (But so is life).  The last 'thing to do' on my list is sit down and have a well earned rest!!  Although I've finished school and exams are nowhere to be found, I seem to be busier than ever...

Although there's always a quick time to stop and browse around the vintage fair.  And yes...you guessed it....I went and bought more things to add to my room.  It's a gorgeous straw picnic basket (quite large!!) and it sits perfectly under my desk...

£8 vintage fair, bargain?

I really want it to look similar to other wicker baskets and I love these F & M baskets.  In the summer i'm hoping to get some paint and paint on the front H & B (my initials)...look kind of sweet???

I couldn't be happier with my buy, a shame I had to rush off before meeting up with Rosie and Izzy, but we all have plenty of free days to come and the bike ride WILL GO AHEAD!!!  

Hannah xxx


  1. lovely post.really like ur blog dear.i am following now.hope u'll follow me back :)