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03 March 2011

Back on the rock and back to the blog at last.

Well bloggers I'm backkkkkk!
And haven't i missed the old blog ? But no fear I'm well rested after a holiday in sunny South Africa and ready to blog again.
I'm currently sitting in bed with a bottomless cup of chai tea and a nice big plate of beans on toast (because there's nothing like a bit of Heinz to cure the jet lag blues ). Its finally March and although I'm all for showing off what semi tannish like thing i spent the last 13 days gaining its still a little chilly (ok try FREEZING ) so that's why I'm here to tell you what I'll be embracing when the daffodills start to peek through the frost and spring finally arrives...

-Vintage -this spring I'm determined to breath some vintage love into my wardrobe and whilst scouring the world wode web i came across these babies :

http://www.itsvintagedarling.co.uk-good/ -a vinatge sweetshop for all things gorgeous.

http://www.rokit.co.uk/ -i just had to inlcude this one - its just the best i reccomend you order something from their quick !

Go on try them you neverknow what vintage delights you might find...

Style - Gillian Zinser-such a spring summer style icon ,she always looks so effortless .I envy everything about her especially her part in 90210..

Blogging - I can't wait for some gingham and roses days with Rosie and Hannah ,baking ,travelling or maybe just laughing whatever we do i can't wait for the spring !

Lots of Love


P.S Are't these the coolest ,they're made from a reycycled fanta can , i got them in South Africa.Eco friendly AND cool.


  1. I loove Gillian Zinser :) X


  2. Amazing post love your blog
    please visit mine too and follow me if you like
    xoxo natalia