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17 March 2011

A suprisingly sunny day at last ....

Today was a surprisingly sunny day here on the rock and unsurprisingly I'm in a good mood ( that's what a bit of sun does to me ..). Its comic relief day tomorrow , a day when i actually have an excuse to veg out in front of the sofa all evening AND its dress down day in school ( a pirate theme -but dress down day none the less ). I'm planning on having a very quite weekend this week . Pottering around the house , listening to music , maybe even a spot of knitting for my textiles project - if anyone has any tips for a novice knitter like me they'd be greatly appreciated !
Who know i might even share my ramblings with you ...
So anyway i thought I'd show you what i picked up in Bristol this weekend -( the shopping really is very good there )
Bambi print playsuit -Urban outfitters
Shorts - Topshop , tights urban outfitters

Please excuse my ramblings bloggers and as always have a good week :)
Wish me luck on my knitting !
Izzy X


  1. aw lol I'd love to be able to knit! :}

    love the playsuit

  2. Good luck on the knitting! And i LOVE the second outfit!


  3. i love your outfit in second picture, looks so cute :):)

    wanna follow each other??let's be friend :)let me know, with your comment in my post. thank you :):)


  4. it`s so beauty...i like your picture & i hope you follow my blog too..thx so much.