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07 March 2011

Boy was it cold!!

Yet again, Izzy, Rosie and I thought it would be a wonderful idea to do another car-boot sale in order for us to earn some well need cash!!  As I woke up at at an extremely early 6.30 on Saturday morning, reality kicked in as I soon found myself dozing off whilst cooking my porridge (with extra raisins and seeds of course).  However as I finished making it, Izzy had already arrived to pick me and my junk load of old toys, clothes and books up, so I put the porridge in a flask and we set off sitting literally on top of the stuff in Izzy's car.  Rosie had already arrived and I don't think any of us had expected how windy and cold this car-boot sale was really going to be!  I have to say it was rather fun setting our pitch up next to all the other sellers and a man was already looking through Rosie's collection of old jeans to pick up a bargain without us even setting up the stall yet...
Anyway, as the time rolled on by, service started to get slow, but morale was kept high with Izzy's flask of tea and vanilla Oreo's, and we're never short of a good old laugh whilst warming ourselves up in Rosie's car whilst the wind blew outside.
Soon it was time to pack up and it was about time as I think our frozen toes were literally about to fall off.  We counted our profits and Rosie got £25, Izzy £35, and I £30.  Well, I think Izzy came out as our top seller in this car-boot sale, but I'm sure there will be plenty more to come in the summer - hopefully when it's 20 degrees warmer...
All with new boots, funny that??

I would put some more photo's on here but the laptop's being rather slow at the moment....
Hope you didn't fall asleep in school like I did today!!
Lots of love
          Hannah xxx

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