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31 March 2011

Rain Rain go away ...

Its Raining again in Jersey,the weather tricks us into thinking its may and them wham its suddenly wet wet wet again . the weather seems to really reflect my mood over the past few days i have got mountains of homework to get through . I did have the most relaxing weekend though doing nothing never felt so good! Along with a very productive Sunday most of which was spent in bed . I did have time to bake some cookies though nothing like a little bit of baking to unwind is what i say .
Wherever i go I'm dreaming of summer at the moment ....

The Urban outfitters spring summer look book really is divine .
Hmmm i really am going to start to look for a job or do another car boot sale in Easter . I'm rather moneyless at the moment.

I've fallen in love with Audry Hepburn all over again . Breakfast at Tiffany's is the most amazing film EVER .
If this weather does continue at least I've got a date with Audry .

Or Ben Howard -who By the way has the sexiest voice .... Have a listen this song is my secret obsession !

Only one more week to go !
Easter here i come !
Until then I'll be at home with my knitting and a cup of tea
Thats after I've finished those mountains of homework...
Enjoy your weekend bloggers
Lots of Love
Izzy XXX


  1. I love Ben Howard - his song Games in the Dark is good, and so is this one :)

  2. iknow hes so good ! i'll look at that one thnaks :) X