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28 March 2011

"Big girls need big diamonds" -Eliabeth Taylor, R.I.P.

Rosie's little thoughts..
  • I currently have a quite severe case of obsession. With 'the xx'. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gI2eO_mNM88 Their music is so simple, yet so beautiful.
  • Me and my camera are in desperate need of some quality time. My dear Nikon is getting quite lonely. Stupid homework along with other things keep getting in the way!
  • Recently I purchased some new foundation. It's mac mineralize satinfinish spf 15. I'm in major makeup love.
  • I so badly wish I could sew. It became apparent in this week's textiles lesson and that I still can't even thread one up..I don't think there is much hope.
  • Whilst being ill over the weekend, I did some deep thinking (a.k.a day dreaming) and realised how scary the future is. How am I going to fit everything in to my life when I don't know how long it is going to be? Then I remembered how my Mum always says "live every day to the full, and then you can't have any regrets." ...That's when I snapped out of my wannabe philosophical mode, *sigh*.
  • It's amazing how happy the sunshine makes me feel. The Jersey weather has been so lovely recently, I hope it lasts.
  • Seeing as it's Lent and I've given up eating chocolate, I thought, Well if I make myself not like chocolate, then I won't want to eat it, will I? This plan has failed miserably, and I'm craving some cadbury's more than ever.
  • Don't you just love it when you buy what you think is just a nice, plain, mother's day card, and then realise inside it has a really cringy verse saying:
You taught me right from wrong
Tucked me in at night,
Made me feel so content
And made my future bright.
You taught me all I am
And all the things I know,
Is it any wonder then
Just how much I love you so.
  • Anyone want to buy a Yamaha PSR-170 keyboard for £40? No didn't think so, nobody does! I can't get rid of it! (P.S if you do though, just send me an email! haha)
  • I haven't baked/cooked in ages. Mind you, for the well being of others that is probably a good thing.
  • Not sure about you, but I never bother to shave my legs in the winter. But boy, am I looking forward to deforesting my legs for the summer.
  • I'm Feeling a bit of satchel love. I have barely taken mine off me since I bought it, and ditching it for a light cotton beach bag this summer ain't gonna be an easy thing.
  • I was browsing through Topshop.com 's flash sale and something caught my eye. These booties. I know I should be looking for more summery footwear (i.e not boots!) but they're not thick or anything, are they?..anyway, I'm thinking of getting them.
  • I used to listen to this song all the time on Youtube and loved it, but now I've forgotten what it's called and who it's by. So annoying! I can still partly remember how it goes, but it's not a popular song so no one would recognise it if I even tried to sing it. 'Darn.
  • When Gingham and Roses reaches 50 followers (or if we do!) we will be holding a giveaway in celebration! I'm not going to tell you what, but think along the lines of mac... So stay tuned for that!
Best movie EVER, and a goodin' to watch when you're ill.
Once again I have gone on a wee bit, but never mind. If you like these sort of random little thoughts posts please let me know and I'll start doing more of them.

Have a lovely week, Rosie. XXX


  1. I love that mac foundations, its great! :)
    And ooooh I love giveaways, I'm doing one soon too! and trust me, you will get 50 followers, your blog is lovely :) xxx

    Love Hannah xx


  2. oh yes it is! :)
    teehee, don't we all..we'll make sure to check up on yours then!
    Aww thanks, your lovely comment is much appreciated.
    Rosie XXX