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02 March 2011

Tea with two sugars...

Well then...It's back to school for everyone, 'oh the excitement' and the teachers do really pile it on!!!  I have had so much homework already, and the pressure of two GCSE's caught up with me yesterday, sorry!!!  
Anyway, as I arrived into school on monday with my 'homemade' school bag, I though to myself how I could still be in bed, sleeping silently, not disturbed.  It's funny to see how all the year 7's were so excited and us year 10's really weren't...
 as I woke up this morning and found out that my life was over whilst cooking way too much porridge, I realised that the dreaded spot on my face had come back to haunt me. Yes that's right, the start of term spot had come for a visit and decided to stay. so, I scrubbed my face and tried to cover it up only making it worse...at least I could hide it under my exam papers.
During the exam, I though to myself, wouldn't it be lovely if I could go home right now and snuggle up in bed watching a nice movie...I really want to go at see Never Let Me Go, it looks really good.  Here's some more good one's!!!

  • Paul - starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost
  • Gnomeo and Juliet - very good apparently?
  • Rango - It's got Johnny Depp in it, so it must be good!!

Sorry for a pretty boring post today, I hope you had a better day than I did though!!  Here's my bag I made I promised to show you:

It's like a Cath Kidston bag, just with my touch on it!!

Lots of Love
Hannah xxx