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24 March 2011

Dreaming of sunshine and vintage.

Another lovely day on the rock -i must say this last week has been gorgeous and on Monday i even had an ice-cream ( i know !). On Sunday i was in Guernsey playing in the netball inter insular , wasn't really a great day all round disappointed to report that we got beaten by the donkeys 30-16 quite an embarrassment ....
However my weekend wasn't all lost .I had a lovely day on Saturday venturing into town in the morning to discover some lovely new boutique shops opening up in Jersey ( i recommend you have a look ) and then meeting Hannah. We went out to St Aubins for the monthly vintage fair ,i decided i couldn't miss it . Its an absolutely amazing fair where you can find anything and everything . If your a Jersey Bean you must to go ,i always leave there feeling inspired! We walked down to the harbour gallery to collect some ideas for my textiles project and sat on a bench by the harbour unsuccessfully trying to get a tan and eating crepes...(at least i tried) .My day was soon made even better by the arriving back of guess who ? Only Rosie who decided to grace us with her skiing toned presence ! So anyway i took some photos -quite a rarity for me ....
I brought this scarf at last months vintage fair ,perfect for tying onto a satchel....
Mmmm crepes...

Ah vintage...

Hope its sunny where you are
Lots of Love
Izzy XXX

P.S I've started knitting (oh the excitement ) not too good at it but I'll let you know when i create something worthy enough to blog about!


  1. Sounds like a perfect saturday and that scarf is gorgeous! Good luck with the knitting lovely, I did start to teach myself but then kind of abandoned it, so I need to find my needles again and get crafting! haha!! xxx

  2. it was thank you! -I literally can't put my needles down now i've started i can't say my efforts are very good though...! XXXX