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06 March 2011

My little rant, if you will..

So I'm pretty sure that many people feel the same...but I am so fed up of cold wintry weather.

I always look forward to winter at the end of summer- the warm fires, hot chocolate, spicy smell of cinnamon and Christmas! But now that it's March I'm so sick of it. I can't wait to squeeze into my summer shorts, and swap my heavy makeup for my tinted moisturiser. Looking through photos from my holiday to the Maldives in October (over my birthday!) makes me want to cry! I want to go back!

No, this is not off the internet! ;)
'Pool chilling'.
Me and my new friend, Coco.
To make sure I avoid 'the great winter depression' (actually I think I have already got it), I've swapped my shorts for trousers already..but putting woolly tights underneath! ...Plus, the odd capri sun instead of a tea never fails to give me back my summer spring!

Have a lovely week, Rosie XXX


  1. arghh i'm suffering from the great winter depression lol! summer can't come quick enough! ^_^
    btw that top photo is amazingggg!
    [I'm a new follower and loving reading through your blog atm!]

  2. tell me about it!
    hehe, thanks, not even edited either! It was so amazing in the Maldives :)
    Thanks glad to hear it!
    Rosie XXX