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20 July 2011

Holidays ahead...

I love the holidays! I can't wait to put the plans of what we want to do into action. There's grassroots (hippy-ish music festival), Jersey Live, strawberry picking, and me Izzy and Hannah's bike ride/come dine with me day ! I just hope the weather cheers up, especially for when my friend from england comes over this saturday for a week.

Anywho, although there is lots of excitement around the corner, I do have a mammoth amount of Art gcse coursework to get on with. There is a lot to do, and although I enjoy doing it, I always put it off because I worry what I do will be rubbish!

Part of what we have to do is a 'title page'. I for some reason have kinda got into incorporating scrabble letters into my art work...so this is what I came out with:

Quite basic, but I didn't want it to look like I had tried too hard 
and made it all 'busy', like I often do...does that make sense?!

Aside from art, I recently went to Eclectic boutique's fashion show which was brilliant, and there they also gave you 20% off vouchers! So the other day that's where I went to spend my money (well, spend £9!). I've bought a couple of things there in the past and it is such a nice boutique, even if just to look at! If you jersey beans haven't been there yet...do go!

I have realised that I'm a sucker for buying evening and smart clothing and dresses, just because they're so eye catching, so I have made it a mission for me to buy more casual clothing. I bought a really simple but nice tee from Eclectic but unfortunately it's in the wash, so I might feature it in my next post!

I also bought some new denim shorts from Topshop because I grew out of my old ones- well I never really fitted them- but they're pretty bob standard so I won't bother showing you those.

Sorry, too much writing I know!
Hope you are enjoying the summer too, Rosie xxx

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