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31 July 2011

A week in the life of a Sunshine-aholic.

Just relishing in the last  of today's sunshine. The first week of my summer holidays couldn't of been better as we all have made the most of jersey's gorgeousness in the summer and slowly but surely i've been working my way through my really long summer list...

Monday was spent at the hospice barn where i picked up the cutest picnic basket, let the picnicking begin!

On Tuesday i cracked open the recipe books and made some Peanut Butter Blondie's (a brownie with white chocolate instead of milk) . I'll take Hannah and Rosie's word for it that they were up to scratch. You can find the recipe here.

Rosie blogged about our lovely day out on Wednesday of course, and of the the rest of the week was spent sunbathing and swimming. Quite acceptable activities looking at the current weather situation. 
So there you have it the first week of my summer. Whats everyone else been doing?

Also (this is a bit late sorry) to remind all the Jersey Beans to head down to the vintage tearoom (which gingham and roses is very much a fan of)  where they are selling lots of vintage denim shorts and summer clothing. I'd get down there quick if i were you!

Well that's me, I'd better continue packing as I'm going to France tomorrow for a mini-break, I'll hand you over to Rosie for the week and I'll be back for the weekend!
Izzy X

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  1. nice post :) wheres the vintage tea room ? XX