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25 July 2011

The Usual...

Firstly, I want to tell you all I have finished my picnic basket 'makeover' and I love the end result.  If you saw my  blog from last time I wanted it to look like the F & M baskets, what do you think??

H & B stands for my initials

It was also the weekend of Grassroots and it was so much better than I thought!!  Rosie's friend Sophie came over from England and we had a great time...

We also got a picture with Ben Howard one of the headline acts there (we were a lucky bunch)!!

A picture with Ben Howard...the usual...

This might be my last blog till I go on holiday to Florida for two luxurious weeks of bliss!! there's something sweet about leaving all of the stress and worries behind letting them sort themselves out knowing that my suitcase will come back 10lbs heavier than when I arrived.  I'll be sure to tell a few stories when I get back too!!

Love Hannah xx