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04 July 2011

Vintage love affair

Hello readers!

I can barely BELIEVE how happy I am at the moment! There seems to be nothing coming up (soon-ish) to stress about, and it feels oh so good.

  • The weather! It has been so warm recently, and it's such a mood lifter. I think I've been making the most of it too, I've been for several swims (some beyond 11pm!) and my neighbour is even teaching me to sail! For this, I've promised her I'll teach her how to hurdle!
  • 1 WEEK LEFT OF SCHOOL! This is of course what is probably making me happy the most...I mean 6 weeks of no school? What's not to love?!
  • Because we aren't at school next week, even the cunning minds of teachers are struggling to find ways to sneak in some homework. Just brilliant!
  • No more trips! Although normally it's great to get off the rock as much as possible, a break is very much needed. All three of us have been on many sport trips this year (and Hannah is going away for a week tomorrow to sing in Wales with her choir!), I'm looking forward to not having anything planned.
  • I've really enjoyed watching Wimbledon over the past couple of weeks. It is so quintessentially British! Laugh all you like, but I can barely wait to whip out the dusty tennis racket from the garage and give the game a go myself!
  • Last of all, Izzy and I (Hannah went earlier because she had singing in the afternoon) popped down to this month's vintage fair at St. Aubins. For me it has got loads better recently, and here is what I bought:
I love this necklace, I have seen this sort of design quite a few times,
but the outside detail and the price gave it the edge over other
ones I have seen before! It was originally £8 but I bargained it down to £6.30.

I wasn't really going to the vintage fair looking for some new draws, but I couldn't resist when I saw them! It is now the proud storer of my jewellery. It was £5.

I know, pretty random! I saw this book and kinda thought, "How amazing
 would it be to have such a lovely book like this and pass it down through
the generations of my family?"...I know, I got a little ahead of myself. In the end
I bought it just because I don't own an old book, and 1929 is impressive! I like to
wonder who the first owner might have been, and I'm going to start reading it
as soon as I remember to!

Anyway, hope you readers had as good a weekend as I did! 
Love Rosie xxx