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06 July 2011


She did it. She actaully made something. The girl that is as good in textiles as a plank of wood actually made something. Yes, today i finished my textiles project a moment of huge pride for me, so much pride in fact i thought i'd share it with everyone else who's not the greatest on the sewing machine (we can't all be Hannah's you know!)

So determined to wear it , might just suprise everyone...
Couldn't of done it without the Hannah and her cute Granny who were my walking talking set of instructions, who knows now i may just dig out our own family sewing machine and give some sewing a go. Stranger things have happened.

Its amazing how not doing a lot can take up so much of your time. For the first time in my life im not busy, a rather nice change i think. Though recently i've really surpassed myself and become a little bit of an internet geek. Yesterday i sent away for my first ever 'Graze' Box, some of you might of heard of them they've been in quite a lot of magazines. Basically its a box filled with cute little healthy snack packs, being a little bit of a healthy food geek myself i'm quite excited.
Has anyone ever had one before -are they nice?

It arrives on Friday!

Only one more week left, and the summer job search continues as does the search for the perfect pair of Summer sandals, although i think i've come close with a pair from office.
Anyone got any good shoes websites -i think i've just about searched them all!

I've really got into lookbook at the moment, the outfit inspiration is never ending, i've only just started looking at it when i have the time- does anyone have a good one i should check out?

Happy Wednesday
Izzy X

1 comment:

  1. That skirt has such a gorgeous print! :)
    I love finding fabric to make things out of!
    I had graze boxes for a while, they're really nice, just had to cancel it because I realised how much they were costing me a month lol
    I've seen some really nice sandals in River Island lately :)